WindowSwap #1 Drop

December 23, 2021

Company: WindowSwap

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This is the first-ever window submitted to WindowSwap – A globally viral website that brought calm, happiness, and a sense of freedom to hundreds of thousands of people across the world since the start of the pandemic.

Own a piece of internet history.

WindowSwap was created as a means for people to travel the world from the safety of their homes back in June 2020.

It started out with a bunch of friends swapping their window views to help each other get over the feeling of being stuck indoors.

It soon became a viral sensation that was covered by almost all the top publications across the globe, including the The New York Times, The New Yorker and South China Morning Post.

Today, with over 30,000 videos shared from over 140 countries and hundreds of millions of views, WindowSwap is a strong global community of people sharing window views to make someone, somewhere feel a little better.

WindowSwap was officially made a piece of art on the internet when it won both the coveted ‘Net Art’, and ‘Weird’ awards at the biggest award show in the world for the internet: The 25th Annual Webby awards.

WindowSwap will forever be remembered as one of the biggest and most helpful websites/viral sensations of the world during a global pandemic. It has been called the ‘quintessential website of 2020’, a ‘cultural phenomenon’ and ‘The calmest place on the internet’

Added December 23, 2021