Wonder ADA Drop

December 10, 2021

Company: Non-Fungible BUBZ

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Ada Lovelace with superpowers is Wonder ADA!!!
Only 300 animated Wonder ADA NFTs with different superpowers and rarities to be collected. Join our Discord for more information and Freebies.

Non-Fungible BUBZ are limited-edition animated NFTs featuring your favourite characters; with superpowers.

There are four NFT tiers with different attributes and rarity to collect, including Original Editions (ORI), Red Editions (RED), Black Editions (BLK), and Legendary Editions (LGD). NFTs from similar tiers can be burnt to unlock higher tier NFTs.

Collect them all, show them off, trade or HODL them as they remain on the Cardano blockchain forever!!!

Added December 1, 2021