Work Workaholics 2nd Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: ArtWallStreet / Woke Workaholics


ArtWallStreet is excited to announce the second tier launch of the Woke Workaholics collection on January 25, 2022, at 11:55 pm SGT. As a special offer, you can gain access 15 minutes before the public sale by reserving your slot here.

Woke Workaholics is an NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. The project is a collection of 10,000 unique Woke Workaholics with endless combinations of attributes and traits. Every Woke Workaholics is algorithmically generated and no two characters are exactly alike.

All Woke Workaholics are cool, but some are rarer than others. Only 10,000 will ever exist, which creates the sort of scarcity prized by collectors. Other collectors may find certain portraits attractive and value them highly because of their looks.

Woke Workaholics NFT holders will also have access to Woke Rising, an AR-enabled and play-to-earn game, created in partnership with Singapore-based indie game incubator and publisher, The Iterative Collective. In Woke Rising, your NFT character can find woke items, complete game objectives and level up, earning valuable experience points and enhanced attributes.

Added January 18, 2022