World Heritage Drop

October 30, 2021

Company: World Heritage NFT

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World Heritage NFT collection does feature a unique artwork style by imprinting UNESCO World Heritage sites on virtual collectible coins. By combining a unique value proposal with donations to UNESCO (United Nations), we think it’s something that’s different than what’s on the market today.

-Date of our drop:
31 October 2021 (00:00:00 GMT) @ OpenSea


-Number of mints:

World Heritage Coins are made to celebrate UNESCO World Heritage Sites by immortalizing them on Ethereum Blockchain. We created a unique NFT collection and will donate 25% of sale earnings to UNESCO.

Each coin features the name of the site in several languages as well as the year the site is included in the world heritage list. A photographic engraving technique is used to imprint the image on the coin.

Added October 25, 2021