XONE Pre-Sale

July 8, 2022

Company: XONE

Price: 0.11 ETH

Supply: 2500

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Mobile augmented reality social network. Build, hang out, & discover the immersive worlds of XONE.
Your XONE is an immersive parcel of land projected into the world through Augmented Reality (“AR”) technology. It’s a 3D environment analogous to your childhood bedroom in digital form. Instead of two-dimensional profiles with scrollable pictures or text, the next iteration of social media introduces profiles as 3D environments. Your XONE – your space – merges all other platforms you use, encapsulating your uniqueness; a digital place where you can showcase your passions, your achievements, real-life and digital events you visited, and the digital assets you own. XONE users can build, own, and monetize their personal 3D spaces.
You‘ll even be able to have your own pet and avatar hanging out in the XONE dimension.

Added July 1, 2022