YugiBao NFT Drop

October 24, 2022

Company: YugiBao NFT

Price: 3.33 SOL

Supply: 2.999


2,999 Fluffy Baos coming to Solana Blockchain

Launch: Late October (TBC)
Supply: 2,999
Price: TBC

What is a YugiBAO NFT?

2,999 handcrafted, individually created 3D avatars, powered by Morgana Studios, a well-known VFX and 3D Animation Studio located in Madrid, Spain. Backed by a team of veteran animators, designers, creative directors, marketers and crypto savvys.
We want to create a unique story-telling brand that drives creative content to the Solana Blockchain, this journey starts with an NFT collection that will make you part of this story, developing with us the first Decentralized Digital Content Studio.

Take part of this story from an NFT, to a unique and unmatched 3d animated series with merchandising drop, collectibles, holder benefits and exclusive hidden rewards.

Project Goal

Gather a unique and creative content creation-driven community where talents can merge and grow in all directions, YugiDAO functioning as a hub for developing creative ideas and projects.

Added August 9, 2022