ZeGarden Airdrop

November 1, 2021

Company: ZeGarden

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ZeGarden is 7,777 uniquely generated flowers created by ZeFlorist budding on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.066ETH each. They are designed with your happiness in mind. Each flower is a representation of your pineal gland AKA your 3rd ?, the gland that naturally produces DMT. It’s an animated version of the flower you see when traveling into different depths of dimension on DMT. So in essence it’s a portal that connects you to the infinite vibrations of the multiverse.

Now if you don’t want to explore the secrets of the infinite it’s probably best you turn away now, but if we’ve piqued your interest come pick a flower. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your day because in the end, that’s what really matters.


Who is Ze Florist?:

Compliance has never been Z’s M.O., & his journey to becoming Miami’s most prolific street artist is an embodiment of that non-conformist mentality.

ZeFlorist found himself navigating life alone at an early age, committed to hip-hop through mc’ing, breakdance, and graffiti, his pursuit has had no shortages of run-ins with the law.

For the last decade, Zeflorist has been creating urban gardens with his iconic flower, spread heavily throughout Miami with some national and international recognition. The message is simple; pretty up the city, spread love, and connect to self.

For Z, art is about tapping in to the creative process and channeling our intuitive senses. Once this level is reached we can navigate through alternate dimensions that are right here in front of us.


Starting November 1st, 2021, we want to spread more smiles, and envision a metaverse where people gift flowers to one another. Until all 7777 flowers are gone, for each OG flower you’ve minted at zeflorist.com or purchased on OpenSea you will receive and airdropped flower once a week, which will bloom immediately upon gifting this flower to someone else. You can choose to keep the airdropped flower for yourself, but it will take a few weeks to bloom instead.

All secondary sales commissions from gifting flowers (10%) will be distributed to every OG and gift flower holders.

Mint your OG flower now!

Added October 25, 2021