A Guide To The Justin Bieber NFT Favorite: The Inbetweeners

Naples artist Gianpiero brings his childhood memories back to life through the inBetweeners NFT collection. Combining his world-renowned art skills, with a pinch of Justin Bieber fairy dust, we now have a solid NFT project that scratched OpenSea’s Top 10 charts a while back. Here’s all you need to know about the group of teddy bears roaming the Ethereum blockchain.

justin bieber's inbetweeners nft

This is the inBetweeners NFT Justin Bieber got his hands on


What is the inBetweeners NFT Collection?

The inBetweeners is comprised of 10,777 NFTs, with a floor price of 0.45 ETH. The NFTs are a combination of more than 175 hand-drawn attributes with varying rarities.

The project aims to spread positivity, with love at the center of everything. Ultimately, the community will have thousands of shoulders to lean on. Whether in real life or in the metaverse, the community uplifts and encourages each other to be wholesome and healthy. Among all the chaos in 2022, we can certainly use some positivity.

Inbetweeners nft with pink background

When crypto-art meets business skills. Credit: inBetweeners

What do holders receieve?

With regards to its utility, owners gain access to the holder-only Discord channel, governance in the community wallet, invites to IRL events, and the underlying IP to the NFTs.

In essence, 50% of the secondary transaction fees will go to the community wallet. The owners will then suggest and vote on how they will use the money. As for the IRL events, a Justin Bieber appearance sounds very likely given his vocal and active support of the project. I mean, he has an inBetweener as his PFP, need I say more?

Who Created the inBetweeners?

The inBetweeners NFTs were created by Gianpiero D’Alessandro. No stranger to the NFT space, he’s had experience working with the industry’s top players, including Snoop Dogg, Nike, and Levi’s.

D’Alessandro started to draw when he was a young boy in Italy, where art allowed him to enter a different and happier reality. As a little boy, he would often hug his teddy bear to feel safe and happy. Similarly, the inBetweeners project reminds people that they are not alone, and we all deserve to be happy.

Obviously, when it comes to marketing Justin Bieber also helped the NFT collection to gain recognition. He happily calls inBetweeners his favorite NFT project!

What’s in store for the inBetweeners?

Moving forward, the team will fill up more positions in the following months as they build the foundation to create a strong community and global brand. In Q3 2022, we will be expecting several inBetweeners IRL and metaverse events to take place. There should also be more Web3 commerce initiatives and interesting collaborations. Towards the end of the year, Gianpiero and the team will organize an international art tour.

Just yesterday, @Element_Market posted the Top 10 NFT gainers in the past 24 hours, featuring this project sitting comfortably at the #1 spot. In between these milestones, the community can also look forward to other interesting projects. For instance, they  held the #inBetweenersArtWeek, in what was a fun few days for the community. In addition, the Dolce & Gabbana x inBetweeners collaboration was also a great venture.

Either way, the inBetweeners NFT project has a firm fan in Justin Bieber. While you may be a belieber, it looks like he’s an inBetweener.

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