Everything About Lonely Alien Space Club NFT Collectibles

Amid all the apes, cats, and punks, a bunch of aliens are making their mark in the NFT world—meet the Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) NFT collectibles. The Lonely Alien holders don’t just get a cool NFT but also a full club membership, complete with utility and many perks.

The Lonely Aliens dropped on the Earth in July this year, for 0.06 ETH per NFT. Since then, their floor has gone up, and is currently 0.2 ETH on OpenSea. In the past seven days alone, the Lonely Alien Space Club has raked in $370,000, according to NFT Stats.

Let’s dive deep into the Lonely Alien Space Club!

Lonely Alien Space Club NFT collectibles

Lonely Alien Space Club is a collection of 10,001 unique NFT characters. Credits: LASC

What is the Lonely Alien Space Club?

The Lonely Alien Space Club is a collection of 10,001 unique characters living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs follow the ERC-721 token standard and were algorithmically generated from 180 hand-drawn illustrations. These drawings include cowboy hats, gold chains, joints, alien tech, and much more.

The aliens were members of the LASC Mothership which was pulled into a black hole three years back. 10,000 aliens were thus left flying in the metaverse. The only remaining three members of the ship are trying to save the lost members and “restore the #SpaceClub.” Every time someone “abducts” (or buys) an alien, it returns to the ship.

Lonely Alien Club NFT collectibles

Lonely Aliens up on OpenSea. Credits: OpenSea

“We are here to push the boundaries and prove that NFTs are so much more than just jpegs,” LASC notes on its website

The NFT project gives exclusive access to Lonely Alien holders into the #SpaceClub sectors of its website as well as Discord. Furthermore, LASC will unveil more club benefits and token utility as it moves forward on its extensive roadmap.

Now, what’s an alien without its own planet? Every Lonely Alien holder can claim a Lonely Planet matching their alien for free. Holders can claim the planets here by entering the Lonely Alien ID. 

Currently, the NFTs are all sold out. However, you can buy them on OpenSea.

The future of LASC

Within a short span of time, the Lonely Alien Space Club has amassed a huge community. While its Twitter page has almost 30,000 followers, Discord has over 10,000 members. 

Currently, Lonely Alien #10001 is the most expensive NFT in the collection. The avatar, featuring DJ Helmet, Purple Fur Coat, and Galaxy Blue body, fetched its owner around $200,000. 

Lonely Alien NFT of Lonely Alien Space Club Collectibles

Lonely Alien #1000. Credits: OpenSea

Lonely Alien #5694, meanwhile, was sold for around $68,000. Its traits include a Green Crown, Straight Mouth, Pink Glow Body, and Prison Tattoo. Similarly, Lonely Alien #2845 was sold for $48,000.

LASC has an extensive roadmap, or as they call it, a ‘flight path’ in place. This includes an interactive image gallery, limited edition members-only merchandise, the Lonely Casino, and more. Currently, they also have a raffle in place to win a Black Hole Alien. Anyone purchasing an alien between September 20 and 23 will be eligible for the raffle, with one purchase equating to one entry.

While Lonely Alien Space Club is creating momentum in the NFT world, they still have a long way to go. As per NFT Stats, LASC ranks 83rd in the top 30-day collections by sales volume, and 92 on DappRadar (at the time of writing). Can it take on top NFT collectibles like Bored Ape Yatch Club and 0n1 Force? Only time will tell! 

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