Everything About The Quirkies NFT Collection

The Quirkies NFT collection has only 5,000 quirky creatures and 2,200 owners, but consists of a strong community. At the time of writing, the collection has a 2.169 ETH floor price, with a total trade volume of 11.4k ETH. In addition to the PFPs, the team has long-term metaverse plans in store, aiming to celebrate everyone’s quirks.

Quirkies NFT

Bringing your personal quirks into the metaverse. Credit: @quirkiesnft

Quirkies NFT: Wear Your Quirks Proudly

Since the February 2022 mint, the collection has experienced a high of more than 6 ETH per NFT, but has taken a back seat for now. Of course, the slow down can be attributed to the bearish sentiment flooding the entire NFT market.

The Quirkies NFT collection features hundreds of traits, just so each owner can find one that reflects their true self. This allows owners to have more of a bond with their digital creatures. If you cannot decide on which one best reflects your personality, nothing is stopping you from getting another one.

The team plans to have only 5,000 Quirkies, not adding anymore aside from their companions. In February, the cost to mint your very own Quirkie was 0.05 ETH. Comparing it to the current floor price, it is indeed a pretty sweet deal. The initial mint allowed 2 mints per whitelist spot, and 5 mints per account during the public sale. Therefore, the pool of owners have been kept relatively small. It is still unsure if the team plans to expand this pool in the future.

The Quirkies Team

This project has a few key members, but the website does not reveal their identities directly. These are Syntribos, Soulest, FinchOne, Space Invader, and Quacamole.

Most of them have been dabbling in the crypto and NFT space for many years, having a wide collective experience. The team consist of early crypto and NFT investors, marketing experts, well-known artists, and of course the development team. So far, it seems like the team is doing pretty well, especially in building the close-knit community.

Moving forward, the team has plans to build their own metaverse where the Quirkies NFTs can flex their powers. In the meantime, the team will work towards bringing the creatures into existing metaverses.

There will also be Quirkies merchandise, including streetwear that combines surfing and skating features. Furthermore, the NFTs represent IRL memberships which grant access to events and exclusive experiences globally. Lastly, the team will provide each creature with their very own companion.

Quirkies NFT

Something is hatching. Credit: @quirkiesnft


Except for the cool teaser, we don’t know much about the ‘Quirklings’ project. However, we do know that one of the main milestones on the roadmap is to give each creature a companion. We know there will be a snapshot, so I guess it’s safe to assume that the companion release will be via an airdrop. However, there is no exact date, and the team is encouraging you to keep a Quirkies NFT by your side at all times, just in case.

If Azuki’s BEANZ or BAYC’s BAKC is any indication, the Quirklings might be something worth looking out for. Just saying.

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