Everything You Need To Know About Loser Club NFT Collectibles

There’s seems to be an NFT catering to pretty much everyone. We’ve got apes, cats, NFTs on female empowerment, pieces fighting racism, and more. So, why not one representing the underdogs? Well, the Loser Club NFT collectibles are doing just that. Founded by artist J’von (aka Todd Nebula), the project aims to sell art, give the money back to the holders, and create a space for “losers” to create together. 

Loser Club NFT logo and several avatars

The Loser Club NFT collection is for all the underdogs in the space. Credits: LoserClub

“This is the rise of the loser,” the project notes on its website. “We’re bohemian hedonists. We celebrate non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.”

Loser Club NFT is building the strongest NFT underdog community

The Loser Club NFT collection featuring 10,000 Losers dropped early this month. From a 0.088 ETH mint price, the collection’s floor has already reached 0.215 ETH. So far, its all-time sales volume has crossed 5,100 ETH or about $17 million on OpenSea. Besides, the project’s Twitter followers have reached around 35,000. And fans can’t stop hyping the project!

Needless to say, these numbers are a remarkable feat for a collection barely a month old. One of the primary reasons for the project’s success is its artist J’von and the art itself. First of all, J’von is a rapper, artist, animator, and producer. Born in Oakland, California, J’von was raised in Seattle, Washington. He started drawing at a very young age and left university to pursue his passion—music and art. In the decade since, he has been “fumbling”. 

NFT artist J'von

The project is the brainchild of J’von, a rapper, and an artist. Credits: LoserClub

“But this “loser” has not (yet) seen the success of his life-long passion,” the project added. The Loser Club NFT collection is J’von’s first project. Indeed, artist-led projects have always been revered in the NFT space. Some examples include blue-chip collections Doodles (from artist Burnt Toast) and Cool Cats (from artist Clon). And Loser Club seems to be well on its way to achieving similar success. 

Now, let’s talk about the art. Loser Club NFTs feature some incredible, highly-detailed artwork. Moreover, the pieces are truly diverse and inclusive. These avatars come in various skin colours sporting all sorts of features like bald head, afro, braces, and whatnot! Actually, there’s a total of over 200 traits. Clearly, the collection is a refreshing change in a space that severely lacks representation.

Different avatars of Loser Club NFT collection

The collection features diverse artworks. Credits: J’von

The future of the project

Art aside, the Loser Club NFT gives utmost importance to their community. For this reason, J’von is keen on connecting with the members and often hosts Twitch live streams where he draws with his daughter. Apart from J’von, the project boasts an experienced, fully-doxxed team—always a huge plus in the NFT space. 

In terms of future plans, the project has set up a LoserFund, seeded with 200 ETH from the initial mint. In addition, 50% of royalties from all future secondary sales will also go to the fund. The funds will be used to build the future of the project, based on a roadmap decided by the community. Collaborations, merch, and other surprises are already in the works. 

All in all, Loser Club NFT collectibles are off to a promising start. They don’t make any tall promises like many projects in the space. In fact, the project’s aim is to “underpromise, and over deliver”. We can’t wait to find out what’s next in store for this new NFT project!

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