Everything You Need To Know About RTFKT MNLTH NFT Sneakers


RTFKT Studios, the NFT company which was purchased by Nike, has revealed NFT sneakers titled MNLTH. The NFTs, which resemble Nike sneakers, have seen some users profit big, with people enjoying the look of them overall. MNLTH has been revealed to be a customizable Nike sneaker. Since launch, the floor has been jumping up and down constantly, with many different runs.


RTFKT Studios released their most recent NFT, MNLTH. Some called it “mysterious”.


The MNLTH NFTs by Nike’s RTFKT Studios were airdropped to CloneX and PodX holders in early February – and were revealed to holders yesterday. They are an immersive collectible NFT experience in the form of a digital floating metal-look box. For certainly lucky holders, this could have included a package deal including the Nike Dunk Genesis, Skin Vial and MNLTH 2 access.

For those not as lucky, the floor price on OpenSea is at around 9.98 ETH, or almost $30,000. So no one should be complaining. Furthermore, there are just over 7,000 owners and over 42,000 ETH volume has been traded.

Nike has still been fairly mysterious regarding their moves in the NFT space, however, their moves until now have certainly been huge, and will surely be only the start of a massive step into the NFT space.

One Twitter user, @NFTsAreNice thought they had lost $10,000 before the floor raised and they had lost only $4,000. Their response was funny as they said: “I’m not down bad at all, good NFT, good reveal, just keeping this thread cause its funny af”

RTFKT and Nike’s Other NFTs

On top of the RTFKT MNLTH NFTs, Nike and their subsidiary company have released a few other sets of NFTs. This follows the Oregon-based sportswear company’s takeover of the NFT studio in December 2021. Until now, they have released the future of Sneakers, powered by Vial tech, which resembles a Nike dunk, one of Nike’s most popular models.

RTFKT Studios are, of course, the company behind CloneX. This is a highly popular NFT collection and without a doubt one of their biggest work yet. It was this collection that got them noticed by Nike. CloneX has a current floor price of 18.3 ETH, or $54,000. The collection, which was launched in December last year, has seen an all-time average price of 11.8 ETH on the OpenSea platform.

Nike has also been involved in a lawsuit revolving around their NFTs. This came as StockX made Nike-based NFTs as part of their ‘StockX Vault’, and Nike wasn’t happy. The two companies worked together in many instances, but their deal didn’t reach NFTs.

Nike’s only official movements until now have been alongside RTFKT Studios.

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