Exotic Gentlemen Society NFT Collection: How to Get In on Their Debut Drop

Ladies and gents, get your digital wallets ready for the Exotic Gentlemen Society – the classiest NFT project to date. These wild digital avatars have style, a Country Club, and plenty of ETH to share with their community, so let’s see what they’re all about!

Image featuring one Exotic Gentlemen Soceity NFT alongside the collection logo

The Exotic Gents are 10,001 aristocratic animals ready to conquer the NFT market. Credits: TEGC

What is the Exotic Gentlemen Society?

At first glance, the Exotic Gentlemen Society is a new NFT project featuring 10,0001 digital collectibles. The NFTs, called Exotic Gents, are all dressed up and ready to take over the market. The collection features tigers, lions, gorillas, leopards, and water buffalos. Surprisingly, each suited animal represents an endangered species in real life. This is exactly why part of all NFT sales will go straight to We Won’t Forget, a wildlife-dedicated charity.

With this goal in mind, the Exotic Gents have big plans ahead, including merch, ETH rewards, and other perks for NFT holders.

However, before all that happens, the Exotic Gentleman Society must first sell out. Then, The Country Club will open its doors for all community members to a virtual world of games, events, and giveaways.

Curious what The Country Club is? Keep reading.

Image featuring five NFT avatars from the Exotic Gentlemen Society collection

The project’s exclusive Country Club will offer poker games, ETH rewards, and members-only merch. Credits: Twitter

The Country Club: what we know so far

According to the Exotic Gentlemen Society, The Country Club is ‘an exclusive area for holders only, with its own currency and a variety of games and events, including poker and much more.’ 

So far, the team didn’t reveal much about the soon-to-be-launched club. However, they did say it’s ‘the pinnacle of high society,’ which definitely raises our expectations!

In addition, the team also revealed its upcoming ETH giveaway mechanics. In essence, the Exotic Gents will hold giveaway contests as soon as the collection sells out. Each month, the lucky winners will receive an equal amount of ETH. The more NFTs you own, the more chances you have of winning! Considering that the community wallet has 100 ETH already, this prize alone is worth joining The Country Club.

But how do you join The Country Club anyway?

Image featuring six NFTs from the Exotic Gentlemen Society collection

Each animal featured in the debut collection represents a real-life endangered species. Credits: Twitter

Joining the Exotic Gentlemen Society presale

In order to join The Country Club, you must own one of the 10,001 Exotic Gents that will launch soon. Reportedly, collectors will be able to reserve a spot 24 hours before the drop through the official website. This process saves you from (potentially) high gas fees that usually happen with big collections.

Want to get ahead of other collectors? The Exotic Gents also offer 1,000 VIP presale passes that members can earn. Right now, there are four main ways to get yours and become a member:

  • The Grinder is for the hard-working users who send club invitations, help other members and stay active on social networks;
  • The Creator VIP members have to attend creativity contests on the official Discord channel;
  • The High Rollers are the 50 members rich enough to buy their VIP status;
  • The Fluke represent those lucky enough to actually win their VIP pass in a giveaway.

Besides early access, VIP passes also give you lower minting costs of 0.06 ETH. By comparison, the cost for the public sale is now at 0.08 ETH, the Exotic Gentlemen Society website says.

The Exotic Gentlemen club features impressive design, positive real-life impact, and an ambitious roadmap. In summary, this successful recipe might turn the project into the next big thing on the NFT scene!

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