Experience Digital Fashion: Weekday and The Fabricant Introduce Artifact 001

Digital fashion expands once more this month as Weekday, the iconic street fashion brand, makes its NFT debut via the luxury fashion brand The Fabricant.


  • The street fashion brand Weekday collaborates with The Fabricant for a collection of wearable sunglasses titled Artifact 001.
  • The sunglasses are inspired by stalactites and stalagmites and will drop on June 13th.
  • NFT holders can use an exclusive AR filter to showcase their wearables anytime.
image of a pair of futuristic white sunglasses on a black background

The digital fashion brand The Fabricant has partnered with Weekday for a limited-edition NFT collection. Credits: Weekday

Weekday x The Fabricant: A High-Fashion Collab

This month, the digital fashion world welcomes a new physical brand to the metaverse: Weekday. The Swedish apparel company took the leap with The Fabricant – one of the top Web3 companies to date.

Accordingly, the two will launch an NFT collection of wearable sunglasses on June 13th at 5 pm CET. The drop titled Artifact 001 includes 300 pieces, each offering two pairs of sunglasses (white and black).

After purchase, holders will gain access to an AR filter so they can wear their digital fashion accessories anytime.

“The design inspiration comes from stalactites and stalagmites; the mineral formations that take thousands of years to take shape. It’s an exciting clash to bring something extremely old and organic into a digital layer we’ve only just started to scratch. I mean who knows, a digital collectible might outlast your average stalactite,” said Weekday’s Design lead, Alice Shulman.

image of two digital fashion characters in the metaverse on a desert background

The Fabricant is a leading digital fashion brand that keeps innovating the Web3 world.

How is Digital Fashion Evolving in 2023?

Right now, digital fashion is among the fastest-expanding niches in the Web3 space. This year alone, brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci continued their journey in the metaverse with new launches. Meanwhile, Balmain launched its own NFT membership club while HUGO made its debut last fall.

In fact, fashion NFT trading sales have long surpassed $245 million in total, according to data from the blockchain analytics platform Dune. The numbers have been rising since, so the digital fashion niche is definitely worth looking into.

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