Extraordinary Attorney Woo To Drop NFTs for Autism Awareness

Image of Extraordinary Attorney Woo NFTs

AIMC, a subsidiary of Korean drama production firm Astory, and producers of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the huge Netflix show, are launching a collection of NFTs to raise public awareness about Autism. As the most-watched non-English show on Netflix, the TV show has a huge fan base worldwide. Officially, the ‘Extraordinary Whales Club’ AIMC will airdrop NFTs to Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) attendees between August 7th-12th.

Image of Extraordinary Attorney Woo NFTs

The creators of Extraordinary Attorney Woo are releasing a collection of NFTs and a wider web3 project.

What are the Extraordinary Attorney Woo NFTs?

The popular TV show on Netflix is the life story of Woo-young-woo, a witty, charming and high-functioning lawyer on the autism spectrum. In the show, Woo has a fixation on whales and the animals act as a visual cue for the character. 

Because of this, whales are the project’s main focus, which aims to raise public awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This will bring together the community of loyal Extraordinary Attorney Woo fans and the wider web3 world. It is an international environmental, social and governance/community web3 project on Polygon.

“The show’s protagonist, Woo Young-Woo, an autistic lawyer, gives hope and courage to millions worldwide. It is none other than the many whales that always give strength, courage, and sometimes flashing ideas to Woo Young-Woo’s difficult life. We are preparing the Extraordinary Whale Club NFT to support Woo Young-Woo’s fans worldwide and to give courage and hope to many others affected by ASD”, said Han Se-min, CEO of AIMC.

The team behind the Extraordinary Attorney Woo NFTs

To create the unique Extraordinary Attorney NFTs, AIMC works with well-established companies in the NFT space. Amongst these is the Web3 community platform CIETY and W2E (Watch-to-Earn) NFT project SCREENA. They will assist the new and exciting project in several key areas. These include NFT mining, NFT marketplace development and community management.

Blockchain focused Venture Capital Hashed is also working on the project, offering advisory services and participating in the charity.

image of Extraordinary Attorney Woo character

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a hugely popular Netflix show that focuses on a character on the autism spectrum.

In-Dong Yoo, CEO of CIETY, said, “I am happy that our no-code NFT minting platform Omnuum is providing the platform to create a community where fans of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and those who relate with the vision of spreading autism awareness can collaborate together. I look forward to seeing how this community shapes up.”

The Extraordinary Whales Club is eco-friendly

As a carbon-neutral network, Polygon is an obvious choice for an NFT collection that focuses on whales. However, it will also provide technical and marketing support for the wider project in many key areas.

The Extraordinary DAO

Alongside the Extraordinary Attorney Woo NFTs, there are also plans for the wider web3 space. This includes big plans to create a DAO and raise charity funds to support and improve ASD communities. Finally, as a DAO, it has huge potential to offer a change in the world and make a difference in people’s lives whilst raising public awareness about ASD. 

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