Fang Gang NFT Collection: Cute, but are they Wolves, Cats or Foxes?

The Fang Gang Project is more than a howlingly entertaining and eyecatching NFT Collection. The 8888 Fangsters, a cute hybrid between cats and foxes, unlocks utility on both the gaming metaverse as well as for remitting rewards to the liquidity providers on the platform.

The Fang Gang NFTs have already been fully minted but you can still pick some up on OpenSea. As of press time, the project has pulled in 4100 ETH or over $14 Million in tradeable volume. Meanwhile, floor price has climbed to 0.29 ETH versus the mint price of .04 ETH, representing 7x growth for the early supporters.

The Fang Gang Logo

The Fang Gang NFT Project is entering the space with a bang in terms of its quirky art and dynamic utility. Credit: The Fang Gang

Meet the Fangsters: Cute Cat-Fox Hybrids of the Fang Gang Project

Described as twisted lunatics that come out at night to throw parties, Fangsters are the quintessential trouble makers that roam about the dark alleys of the New Fang City. Maintaining the fun and quirky tone, the website adds that they have assembled with one clear goal in mind; to take over the ETH blockchain. This fun storyline and background is where the NFT Collectible kicks off.

The randomly generated NFTs come with the wildest attitudes, assembled from over 160 traits with 3.676.470 3.676.470 possible combinations. Moreover, each Fangster NFT is made of a head, face, body and fur designed and conceptualized by a team of veteran graphic designers. The community is going loco over the interesting artistic impressions of the “hybrid man and animal-like traits” of the NFTs. For example, each one has a distinct personality, complete with separate traits and spectacular individual style.

The Fang Gang NFT Project

Meet the Fangsters, fox and cat hybrids, from the New Fang City. Credit: Market Square

The personality traits of the Fangsters range from common to uncommon and from rare to mythic giving buyers a wide selection to choose from. Some are rarer than others, but all fit for members of the Fang Gang. Some Fangsters are Special 1/1 editions. So you need to double time if you want to score one of the NFTs before the project explodes even more.

The Fang Gang Project’s Secret Sauce: UTILITY

So far, the team has been stepping on the gas pedal to provide utility for the NFTs. From collaborations to daily giveaways, charitable donations, NFTx liquidity pools, a merch store and more – the project has so much to offer to the NFT holders.

One of the perks of being a Fangster owner is that you can join the Diamond Fangs Club. Basically, every day, Fang Gang holders who have their holdings either delisted or listed above 1 ETH are eligible to win prizes. Just this week, Diamond Fang Club members received an airdrop of a Decentraland compatible outfit created by NFT artist and designer @Michi_Todd.

Diamond Fang Club

The Diamond Fangs Club is one of the project’s most salient post-launch applications for the NFT holders. Credit: Fang Gang

The team proceeded to heat things up by rolling out The Fang Gang  liquidity pool allowing holders to buy, sell, or stake their Fangsters. With such a dynamic project and an electrifying community, the Fang Gang attracted the most talented artists in the space for exclusive collaborations. Some of the most notable projects that Fangsters has collaborated with are PixelHans, dubbed the ‘Son of NFTs’; FatBaby, supreme artist extraordinaire; and CryptoPervs, OG of the pervy pixels.

Despite the over the top and outrageous aesthetic, the project knows how to give back. The team gave their commitment to allocate a portion of their profits to NGOs that protect and restore wildlife habitats and ecosystems. Most recently, 10 ETH was donated to, as well as another NGO to be selected and announced soon.

What’s Next for the Fangsters?

Following the footsteps of other leading Collectibles, the project is also launching companion NFTs for the rowdy Fangsters. Mark your calendars because by the second week of October, the team is dropping 8,888 PixelFangs NFTs. The best part? Each Fang Gang NFT holder will be able to mint 1 per wallet for free (plus gas, of course).


The Fangsters will soon get Companion NFTS. Credit: PixelFangs

If you want to learn more about the project, head over to Decentraland today, October 9. The team is holding a Metaverse party together with Clever Girls NFT Project to showcase our coolest pieces and special Fangsters. So “put on your freshly ironed Diamond Fangs outfit and dance the night away!”  

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