Fashion Giants Gucci and Vans Collaborate on Roblox Scavenger Hunt

Luxury meets cool as Gucci and Vans team up to introduce younger generations to the world of high-end fashion on Roblox with a unique scavenger hunt. From April 17 until May 13, Roblox users can explore the newly merged digital worlds and also have a chance to win exclusive avatar items.  This collaboration allows Vans’ consumers to get a taste of luxury. Meanwhile it also introduces Gucci to a wider audience. So, let’s learn more of this one-of-a-kind collaboration below!

a screenshot of Gucci Town In Roblox, where the Scavenger Hunt Takes Place

Gucci x Vans x Roblox: A Web3 Collab For the Ages

The ongoing Vans x GUCCI meta-partnership unlocks new items to discover in ‘GUCCI TOWN’ & ‘VANS WORLD’, within Roblox. While Gucci is known for being a high-end retailer, Vans is more accessible in terms of pricing. Both brands have grown a presence in the Roblox metaverse for some time now. Gucci Town launched in May 2022 and has hosted branded events such as Miley Cyrus’s takeover. Vans was one of the earliest brands to adopt the platform in September 2021.

This isn’t the first time the two fashion brands have worked together. Vans was previously involved in the Gucci Continuum project. This project encourages cross-brand collaborations and allows invited designers, brands, and artists to reinterpret past Gucci pieces or deadstock fabric.

While Roblox has come under scrutiny recently for privacy and child safety concerns, the platform has revised its advertising policies to address these issues. Some major companies have scaled back their metaverse marketing efforts, but Gucci and Vans prove that the strategy still has weight and interest.

More About the Scavenger Hunt

The House of Gucci has created an exciting virtual experience for its community, players can:

  • Journey through different spaces to create, connect, and collect
  • Compete in games to earn GG Gems
  • Discover and create unique art pieces
  • Learn about the House’s heritage and artisanship
  • Strike a pose and showcase their personal Gucci style to the world
  • Explore a limited-edition virtual boutique of Gucci items
  • Take a break and connect with others in the community

Additionally, in partnership with Vans’ contribution to Gucci Continuum, the special scavenger hunt connects Gucci Town with Vans World. Players can collect all the items in each world to redeem exclusive rewards for their avatar, only available for a limited time.

Additionally, who wouldn’t want to dress up their avatar in some stylish designer gear while gaming? With some brands becoming hesitant to invest in Roblox due to concerns over privacy and safety, this exciting partnership shows that interest in the metaverse is still strong. So, are you taking on the Roblox scavenger hunt?

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