Fidenza Incomplete Control Sells $7 Million worth of NFTs Before the Reveal

Fidenza Artist Tyler Hobbs is Releasing a new NFT Collection

Tyler Hobbs did it again! The visual artist using algorithms to create million-dollar Fidenza NFTs is releasing a new Collection dubbed as “Incomplete Control.” Ahead of its December launch, all the NFTs sold out within one day, topping over $7M in sales. Basically, Collectors paid for NFTs they’ve never seen before!

Hobbs’ Fidenza NFT Collection made history as one of the most successful generative projects on Art Blocks. As of press time, his digital artworks have generated more than $150 million in sales. This includes Fidenza #313, which sold for $3.3 million in August.  The floor price of Fidenza NFTs has climbed to a whopping 129 ETH or almost 2.7 Million.

Fidenza Artist Tyler Hobbs is Releasing a new NFT Collection

Fidenza Artist Tyler Hobbs is launching a new NFT Collection and it seems Collector would do anything to get one of his art works. Even paying for something they’ve never seen. Credit: Incomplete Control

Incomplete Control’s Unique Minting Experience

Hobbs is releasing his Incomplete Control Collection on December 9 via a live minting event in Manhattan. Last Friday, avid fans and collectors paid more than 1800 ETH or $7 Million to score “golden tickets” redeemable for NFTs paired with the upcoming artworks they haven’t seen yet.

This reflects the amount of trust the buyers have in Hobbs. Plus, they are willing to take a risk just to ensure that they’ll get their hands on the coveted pieces of the leading NFT artist.

The auction followed the Dutch style of bidding, meaning the set price of each mint decreases every five minutes until the NFTs. As expected, the sale inspired a spirited bidding war among Collectors. The two highest NFTs were sold at a whopping 80 ETH or $322,756, while the lowest was sold at 30 ETH or $120,846.

Hobbs will unveil his new Collection at  Bright Moments gallery in New York City from December 9 to December 13. So the twist here is that the NFTs are made to order and will be a complete surprise to the buyers. So buyers must be present at the event to exchange their golden tickets for the NFTs.

Let’s Deep Dive into the Theme and Creative Process

Hobbs elaborated the central theme and inspiration of his upcoming 100 NFTs. “Incomplete Control deals heavily with imperfection. I have always been interested in the presence of imperfection in the analog world and the relative absence of it in the digital world. The forces of chaos and entropy give the natural world a certain warmth, and there are patterns and lessons there that we can use.”

Hobbs also clarified speculations whether his new Collection would mirror Fidenza’s style. He said, “Incomplete Control is a more focused work than my previous project, Fidenza. It does not have the same goal of high variety. Instead, it goes deeper into a particular vision—quality over quantity. There will not be a focus on rarity. Instead, Incomplete Control will explore a continuous spectrum.”

Aside from his impressive artistic skills, the community also admires Hobbs’ commitment to charitable causes. He donated an outstanding total of $61,500 to three foundations he deeply believes in: Girls Who Code, Processing Foundation and AGE of Central Texas. So it’s not surprising that he commands such respect and trust from the NFT Community.

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