FIFA and Altered State Machine Announce AI League Metaverse Game

World Cup fever is taking over web3, and AI specialists Altered State Machine are launching a unique metaverse game in partnership with FIFA. Therefore, this brand new ‘smart football’ game will introduce intelligent AI characters to a more casual gaming audience. The gaming experience begins with a prediction game that is playable during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Starting on November 20th, players can participate in this fun football-based metaverse game.

image of cartoon characters in the FIFA metaverse game

FIFA is launching a metaverse game in partnership with AI experts, Altered State Machine.

Altered State Machine and FIFA team up for a metaverse game!

FIFA is the world football governing body, and they plan to create new ways for their fan base to interact with web3. Now, they are working with Altered State Machine, under their ‘futureverse’ ecosystem, to create exciting new online football experiences. 

The first game is AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Basically, this game will allow players to create teams and compete against others in an AI football game. This will likely be the first time many regular football fans interact with AI and use the metaverse.

“The launch of our FIFA World Cup AI league is an exciting step towards our mission to lead casual gamers into the world of AI gaming in the metaverse, and we are honored to be building the first Web3 game with FIFA. We look forward to bringing the world’s most popular sport into the metaverse,” stated Aaron McDonald, Co-Founder of Altered State Machine. 

How does the smart football game work?

AI League is a prediction challenge that is playable during the entirety of the World Cup. Finally, the ten-week AI-powered FIFA metaverse game has some tremendous benefits. There are prizes, unlockable content, and much more to come during the World Cup.

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