For The Culture Founder Threatens God Hates NFTees With Legal Action

Image of a women suffering online abuse

@Sibeleth, the founder of For The Culture, threatened God Hates NFTees with legal action after being subjected to horrific abuse. In a shocking and awful collection of screenshots, Sibel shared some of the abuse she has received. The language used is horrible, sexist and misogynist. Once again, the NFT community has to reflect as another popular woman in the community was subjected to violent harassment.

Screenshots from one of the God Hates NFT leaders

The abuse of Sibel started after a God Hates NFTees leader told his followers to attack her.

God Hates NFTees leader tells followers to attack Sibel

According to Sibeleth, this started yesterday after one of the leaders of God Hates NFTees started a campaign against her. In a tweet, @AbsentFromThebs shared a screenshot of Sibel’s Twitter account. The words “@sibeleth run this back… raid this delirious b***h” were written alongside it.

Sibel states that this hate campaign began after a Discord Post on her server. Someone else shared news about the ongoing God Hates NFTees Twitter suspension issues. After the post by @AbsentFromThebs, Sibel was the subject of a massive amount of violent, misogynistic, and sexist abuse.

In her own words, she said, “While I was sleeping, the leader of this project started a hate campaign on me, and they raided our Discord + my page & DMs. If you’re staying silent to this, you’re also one of them. This is unbelievable what an anon team is doing to me, personally. Disgusting”

There are many messages from people who associate with God Hates NFTees, which is quite disturbing. They also targeted Sibel on Twitter, Discord and other social media. No one should have to face such messages and face attacks like this. Significantly, this is not the first time a woman in the space has faced such an attack, and it won’t be the last.

The attack on Sibel is part of a broader problem in NFT culture

Men dominate the NFT/Crypto space, and some want to keep it that way. Sibel is an essential member of the NFT community with over 100,000 followers. What’s more, she is the co-founder of Fluffy Polar Bears and the founder of For The Culture.

This is a huge problem for some men, such as the God Hates NFTees people targeting Sibel. From the abuse seen in the last 24 hours, it is clear that something has to change. 

One thing is clear, more men need to speak up and support women in these situations. As Sibel stated above, silence is not enough. We need to challenge this behaviour head-on and make it clear that women are welcome in the space. Furthermore, we need them to drive Web3 forward and continue to build this new digital space.

Legal action is coming for the abusers!

Sibel has promised to take legal action over the abuse she has received. It all started with a tweet from the God Hates NFTees leader.

She stated, “I am taking legal action. If you insulted or threatened me publicly / via dm in the last 24 hours because of this spamming campaign, you will be in the case. We collected all data, videos, ids etc. and notarized all proofs. It doesn’t matter if you delete it or not.”

Finally, it is unclear how this will play out legally. Hopefully, this will make people realize that you cannot abuse people and get away with it. However, Sibel and other women in the NFT space should not suffer sexist and horrible abuse whenever someone disagrees with them. 

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