Frank DeGods and Y00ts Team Take Time Off After Mint Concerns

promo image reading 'y00ts' from the team that brought you DeGods

Following mint delays, criticism from NFT Twitter, and internal errors, y00ts team -including creator Frank DeGods – are temporarily off Twitter. Accordingly, the team aims to focus on its organizational issues and improve all aspects of the project. Is the community ready for this, though?

promo image reading 'y00ts' from the team that brought you DeGods

the y00ts team have taken a temporary break from Twitter

Why did y00ts founder Frank DeGods sign out of Twitter?

Earlier today, the y00ts NFT founder Frank DeGods made an unexpected announcement. The creator confirmed he will be away from Twitter for a few days and so will the rest of the y00ts team. However, he promised to “come back with a renewed focus on organization, clarity, and accountability.”

In addition, Frank DeGods also shared a brutally honest tweet posted a month ago. Here’s the powerful message Frank tweeted on August 9th:

Twitter screenshot of Frank DeGods explaining his persistance while working on the y00ts drop

Frank DeGods advised the NFT community to have patience and trust in the project’s potential. Credit: Twitter


Of course, the y00ts’ creator received mixed reactions to his Twitter announcement. Some collectors promised to stick with him, while others angrily underlined y00ts mint problems again.


Will Frank’s decision ruin the hype around y00ts NFTs?

Ultimately, the Twitter NFT community understands the importance of staying active via social media. Still, just as all eyes were on them, Frank DeGods and his team at y00ts decided to take a break from Twitter.

Nevertheless, the project continues to enjoy plenty of success. For example, the debut y00ts NFT drop (for accepted scholarship applicants) surpassed 190k in a trading volume less than 24 hours post-launch.

It is no surprise that the y00ts mint caused stress for the y00ts team. The long-awaited NFT drop had surprising issues before launch. Firstly, their debut launch happened 24 hours after the initial date due to a “blocker bug”. Then, waitlisted users had to wait too due to other internal errors.

According to Frank DeGods’ Twitter posts, the y00ts team must work more on their organizational skills to avoid similar incidents. In a recent tweet, they promised to refund every collector who entered Dustie’s raffle for the t00bs mint. The announcement states that the team will be away from Twitter for ‘the next few days’ – so keep your eyes on Frank DeGods Twitter account for his expected return.

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