From Star Trek to Web3: William Shatner’s New NFT Series Will Blow Your Mind

Leading web3 game and NFT entertainment company Orange Comet announces a new partnership with the legendary Star Trek actor, William Shatner. Together, they bring a unique digital collection called “Infinite Connections”. The collection debuts at Consensus 2023. Further, the launch sees both Shatner and Orange Comet’s CEO and Co-founder, Dave Broome, appearing on stage on April 27. The Infinite Connections collection celebrates Shatner’s life and career. Moreover, it places a keen focus on scientific phenomena and earthly elements as a thought-provoking and inspiring journey into the universe.

a picture of William Shatner (Star Trek) with the infinite connections logo imposed

Star Trek Enters The NFTverse: All You Need To Know About Infinite Connections

Infinite Connections contains two exclusive digital collections: “William Shatner Cosmic Explorer” and “William Shatner Timeless Voyager.” The first collection comprises 2,500 unique collectibles. Each of these has an accompanying physical action figure portraying Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk in his command chair. Not only this but the action figures are from Shatner’s personal collection! These are also numbered, hand-signed, and inscribed by Shatner with one of five different sayings in his handwriting. Each of these NFTs serves as a tribute to his Star Trek past.

  • Cosmic Explorer also features an extremely detailed digital Shatner 3D avatar. This meta-avatar explores the wonders of quantum physics, magnetic frequencies, mathematical theories, and various earthly elements.
  • The Timeless Voyager collection features 1,000 unique collectibles. This includes highly detailed 2D art exploring the wonders of the universe and beyond. Each piece is illustrated beautifully with futuristic technology and celestial phenomena, inviting collectors on a boundless journey of exploration and discovery. The collection delves into the mysteries of the universe, from quantum physics to the magic of starlight.

It’s no secret that I have an immense love and passion for the new and the unknown, and this collection is a testament to that,” says William Shatner. “Orange Comet’s creative direction for Infinite Connections brings my vision to life and I’m excited to inspire my fans to explore the growing metaverse in this new way. Sorry Sir Anthony [Hopkins], but I think that I can officially say that I am the oldest man in the Web3 world.

More About the Collection

Orange Comet is a passion-driven company led by entertainment industry veteran Dave Broome. The company is known for creating industry-defining digital content with Hollywood-style production quality. Orange Comet has also partnered with iconic entertainment franchises. These include AMC’s The Walking Dead and Sir Anthony Hopkins, to build elite digital collectibles that serve superfans across the spectrum.

The Infinite Connections collection presale goes live on April 27 at 3 PM PT. In addition to traditional crypto payments with wallets, collectors and fans of Mr. Shatner can also purchase using credit cards. This collaboration between Orange Comet and William Shatner demonstrates the potential for NFTs and web3 in the entertainment industry. Finally, the drop inspires curiosity and wonder among audiences of all ages.

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