Funko Pop! Characters Bring Star Trek NFTs to The WAX Blockchain

If you’re into Funko Pop! characters and Star Trek, why not collect NFTs that include both? The giant bobble-headed collectibles have turned into fans’ favorite Star Trek characters for an exclusive drop of NFT trading cards. From Captain Kirk to Khan and Mr. Spock, the 120 3D NFTs are nothing but beautifully-designed!

The collection will launch in a matter of hours, so let’s find out all about it!

image featuring three Funko Pop! Star Trek NFTs

Star Trek fans will be able to collect 3D NFT trading cards inspired by the series and customized using the iconic Funko style. Credits: Funko

Funko & Star Trek NFTs: what you should know

Starting today, fans and collectors will enjoy seeing their favorite bobble-headed Funko Pop! characters emerge into the Star Trek universe. Thanks to a partnership between Funko and ViacomCBS, the official ‘Star Trek X Funko’ original series will launch on November 30, 2 pm ET, on the app.

The team is offering two types of card packs: the Standard one, which includes 5 Digital Pop! NFTs, cost $9.99. Meanwhile, the Premium Pack, featuring 15 digital collectibles, will cost $29.99.

Accordingly, the 3D-styled collection will include 130 unique trading cards as NFTs. There will be six degrees of rarity as following:

  • Common (48.33% chance)
  • Uncommon (27.68% chance)
  • Rare (14% chance)
  • Epic (8.07% chance)
  • Legendary (1.64% chance)
  • Grail (0.28% chance)
  • 1 of 1 (0.008% chances for Standard Packs, or 0.025% for Premium Packs)

Notably, every holder of a Legendary or Grail NFT will be able to redeem a physical toy from the Funko Pop! X Star Trek series.

image featuring three Legendary Funko Pop Star Trek NFTs

Legendary and Grail NFT owners will also receive a physical toy from the Funko Pop! collection. Credits: Funko

Star Trek continues its NFT journey

The partnership with Funko isn’t the first Star Trek-inspired NFT collection. In fact, the iconic science-fiction series first stepped on the NFT scene back in September by joining forces with VeVe.

Together, the duo launched exclusive 3D models of its Enterprise-D and Borg Cube as part of the 55th anniversary of the franchise. Of course, this is probably just the beginning, as Star Trek remains among the most beloved franchise of all times.

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