FVCKRENDER, DS & Durga Team Up To Launch Perfume NFT Collection

FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga's Maticore Musk perfume NFT

Acclaimed crypto artist FVCKRENDER and fragrance brand DS & Durga have partnered to drop a genesis NFT collection. Called Manticore Musk, the utility-packed collection of 5,555 NFTs will drop on July 18. What’s more, the NFT holders can claim a physical, pocket-sized perfume, among other benefits. Here’s all you need to know about the Manticore Musk NFT collection by FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga.

FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga's Maticore Musk perfume NFT

FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga are dropping perfume NFTs. Credit: DS & Durga

Manticore Musk: About NFT collection by FVCKRENDER x DS & Durga

According to FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga, Manticore Musk is a first-of-its-kind NFT collection that brings together real-life scent and metaverse utility. Holders of the NFTs get access to a host of virtual spaces, including private Discord chats and FVCKRENDER’s LVCIDIA metaverse. Apart from this, holders can also join real-life events such as scent parties.

However, the highlight of the collection is the access to exclusive physical perfumes. Essentially, the NFT holders get a one-time claim of a pocket-sized fragrance. This perfume— Manticore Musk—is not your average fragrance.

“In 1924, a clay jug of viscous oil was found labeled μόσχος μαντικό (translated: “manticore musk”) in Cretan Doric under the ruined temple of Technaós,” says the website. “Purported to be the real secretion of this fabled beast, DS & Durga has recreated the mythical aroma using materials sourced from the digital cosmos.”

Just as with music, fragrances are also composed of notes. With each NFT, each trait corresponds to a note. And each bottle is composed of four notes—base, middle, top, and ether notes. 

Manticore Musk NFT bottle

The NFT gives access to a real-life fragrance as well. Credit: FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga

About DS & Durga

Founded in 2017, DS & Durga is an independent fragrance company from David and Kavi Moltz. The couple is famous for “crafting scents others can only dream of.” 

David, in particular, is a self-taught perfumer who hand-makes special edition “studio juices” of perfumes. Notably, these exclusive perfumes are sold out instantly. Now, DS & Durga has teamed up with FVCKRENDER to make an exclusive real-life and virtual scent through NFTs. 


Frederic Duquette, popularly known as FVCKRENDER, is a Vancouver-based digital and crypto artist. He has previously worked with the likes of Lebron James, Puma, Spotify, Instagram, and Christian Dior, to name a few. As one of the most acclaimed artists in the space, FVCKRENDER has many NFT collections to his name, including the recent hit, Fvck_Avatar NFTs.

The Fvck_Avatar NFTs were launched in four phases, starting March this year. The avatars, featuring some of the most iconic elements from the artists, serve as “beacons” in his upcoming metaverse, LVCIDIA. Essentially, the 3D collectibles have “inherent utilities in the ecosystem Fvckrender is building”.

Some of these utilities include future drop discounts and use as a playable character. Further, these avatars will co-exist with the artist’s earlier collection, FVCK Crystals. In fact, select FVCK Crystal holders will get pre-mint access to FVCKRENDER’s upcoming NFT drop with DS & Durga.

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