FVCKRENDER PFP NFTs: 90s Kids Explained

fuckrender çàs kids with nftevening banner

FVCKRENDER – one of the biggest names in the NFT space – released the 90s Kids NFT collection at the end of 2022. But, what exactly is the 90s kids collection? Well, this is a digital collectible (otherwise known as NFT) project, inspired by the trends of the 1990s, 2000s, and skateboard culture.

The aim of the 90s kids collection is to develop a brand that marries NFTs with clothing and skateboarding. From clothing to contests and events, 90s kids could be the next big thing! So let’s take a closer look at the 90s kids NFT collection and discover all you need to know about the next big web3 company.

image of a coffee cup breaking through a wall, for the 90s kids nft project by fvckrender

90s Kids NFT – Skate Culture in Web3

What is the 90s Kids NFT Collection?

The 90s Kids NFT collection is a collection of 9999 skate culture NFTs, inspired by the nineties and noughties. The collection is colorful and nostalgic, featuring four different ‘types’ of 90s kids NFT. These types are ‘Coffee Cup’ (common, 5476 NFT have this type), then ‘Traffic Cone’, ‘Key Set’, and ‘VX’ (1500 of each of these types). These are the first four characters to exist in the 90s kids universe!

FVCKRENDER and Gab Jetski created the NFT collection (more on that below!). 90s kids mint began on December 16th, 2022, for 0.05ETH, and sold out within 24 hours. As of mid-january 2023, the collection has a 369 ETH total volume and a floor price of 0.02 ETH.

At it’s core, 90s Kids NFT collection is a nostalgic, story-telling digital collectible. With plans to release new characters monthly, a clothing brand inspired by the characters, and IRL contests and meet-ups, it seems that 90s kids is bringing skate-culture to the metaverse.

four characters from the 90s kids nft collection by fvckrender

90s Kids types – Coffee Cup, Traffic Cone, Key Set, and VX (l to r)

Does the 90s Kids NFT Collection Have a Roadmap?

As a brand incorporating story-telling and sub-cultures, their roadmap is exciting and expansive! the 90s Kids discord states that: ‘We want to build a token gated web 3 skate club that will redistribute % of the royalties and profits to active members of our community and skateboarders.’

90s Kids Digital Skate Club

This digital skate club has a lot planned for the future. To begin, the brand will release new characters monthly. Holders with a full set of the OG collection (Cone, Keyset, VX, and Coffee Cup) will be able to burn one of these OG NFTs to redeem a new character. Additionally, the limited edition characters may have some extra redemption perks. Following the first drops, there will be discounted NFTs for whale holders (holder of 5 or 10 NFTs or more). Furthermore, holders who have both a 90s Kid NFT and a FVCK_CRYSTAL or FVCK_AVATAR, can stake their NFTs. By staking their NFT inside LVCIDIA, holders gain weekly resources.

One key part of the 90s Kids utility is the clothing brand. The founders plan to build a clothing brand inspired by the characters, and create ‘immersive storylines’ around the characters. Their plan outlines working with notable brands and figures for seasonal merch drops, including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, pants, and of course – skateboard accessories. Holders will have early access to these merch drops and a holder discount.

Finally, the NFT brand will also hold many IRL and remote events. Monthly contests will include a skate contest and an art contest. The art contest is especially important, as the creators will provide a base model for artists to work with, and the winner will take home a cash prize! The IRL events will look like skate contests, art shows, and more, at large NFT events such as NFT NYC.

To clarify – January 28 is the date of the first skate contest. We can expect to see physical merch in March or April of 2023.

90s kids nf flyer from fvckrender and gab jetski

A flyer for the first 90s kids skate contest!

Who Created the 90s Kids NFT Collection?

There are two creators of the 90s Kids NFT collection –FVCKRENDER and Gabriel Jetski. The duo state that the idea goes way back, to when they were both ’10 years old, skating in parks, listening to gangstarr on their iPods’. Through their collection, the artists want to recreate that nostalgic feeling of being kicked out of their skate spots, wrecking their ankles on the stairs, playing tech deck, and easy Subway. Therefore, this is a brand born of a love for skateboarding and a love for art. Speaking on why they created 90s Kids, Gab Jetski says: “Being both artists, we have an interest in beautiful things and creation. That’s why we created 90’s kids.”


Frederic Duquette, also known as FVCKRENDER, is a self-taught digital artist based in Vancouver, BC. He began teaching himself 3D art software while working at a restaurant. Whilst there, he created one piece of art a day for 5 years. This helped FVCKRENDER develop his skills and establish himself as a successful artist. His art is unique, futuristic, and serves as a form of self-therapy. The artist has worked with clients such as Lil Nas X, Lebron James, Puma, Spotify, Instagram, Supreme, Christian Dior, Hypebeast and many more. Furthermore, FVCKRENDER has had his work featured in esteemed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


The FVCK_CRYSTAL collection, designed by FVCKRENDER, comprises of 4,169 unique digital stone NFTs. These NFTs provide users with access to events, raffles, and exclusive areas within the FVCKRENDERVERSE. The collection also includes a “First-Come, First-Served” advantage for early adopters. This advantage allows them to burn their open edition FVCKRENDER NFTs before public sale. Each crystal has been generated and optimized using advanced computer technology, featuring iconic elements from the FVCKRENDER universe, with some crystals being more rare than others.

a still of fvck crystal by fvckrender

Still from a FVCK CRYSTAL in motion


FVCKRENDER launched FVCK AVATARS in four phases starting on March 23rd, 2022. These avatars serve as “beacons” in LVCIDIA, a metaverse that FVCKRENDER is currently developing. The FVCK AVATAR NFTs are 3D collectibles that have “inherent utilities” in FVCKRENDER’s ecosystem. These NFT are designed to be used as landmarks in metaverse platforms. The collection includes 12,969 unique avatars, featuring some of FVCKRENDER’s signature elements from the past 10 years. They also feature new elements that will co-exist with the FVCK Crystals.


The FVCKRENDERVERSE is a fully-immersive and multidimensional virtual experience. This experience transcends the limitations of traditional 2-dimensional internet and social media platforms. Unlike traditional online art viewing, the FVCKRENDERVERSE allows users to fully explore and interact with the artworks as if they were physically walking through a gallery or museum. The experience also includes engaging scavenger hunts! The hunts encourage users to engage more closely with the art and the virtual world.

Who is 90s Kids Co-Founder Gab Jetski? 

Not much is known about 90s Kids Co-Founder Gab Jetski. We know that Gab, or Gabriel,  is an experience NFT artist. The artist has a collection of ‘Astral Reflections’ on the Foundation marketplace. We also know that Gab Jetski and FVCKRENDER grew up together, as the brand is inspired by the duo hanging out in skateparks.

'Astral Reflection #1' by Gabriel Jetski

‘Astral Reflection #1’ from Gabriel Jetski

Where Can I Buy 90s Kids NFTs?

You can purchase a 90s Kids NFT on the secondary marketplace OpenSea. At present, the floor price for 90s Kids NFTs is 0.0217 ETH, or $35 (Jan 17 2023). Remember – if you are looking to stake your NFT, pick up one of each ‘type’ to make use of the burn-to-redeem mechanism! If you’re an NFT newbie, read our guide to buying NFTs to help you with your purchase.

90s Kids NFT – Nostalgic, Skate Culture NFTs

In conclusion, the 90s Kids NFT collection is an innovative and exciting project that brings together the worlds of NFTs, skateboarding, and nostalgia. With an ambitious roadmap and seasoned creators, this PFP project is certainly one to watch. Finally, this project is not only a digital collectible but also a nostalgia-filled, story-telling digital collectible that brings skate-culture to the metaverse.

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