Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA: 5K NFTs Staked in 1 Day After First Era Launch

FVCK AVATAR NFT by artist Fvckrender

Users staked a total of 5,000 NFTs in 24 hours after Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA launched its First Era of staking. Starting 7 pm on October 27, FVCK CRYSTAL and FVCK AVATAR holders can stake their NFTs. Already, holders have staked around 30% of NFTs in the whole ecosystem. To recap, LVCIDIA is a user-generated artist universe developed on Unreal Engine by acclaimed crypto artist, Fvckrender. 

Let’s take a closer look at the First Era of staking from Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA.

FVCK AVATAR NFT by artist Fvckrender

Holders can now stake their FVCK CRYSTAL and FVCK AVATAR NFTs. Credit: OhhShiny

About the First Era of staking from Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA

The LVCIDIA team describes the First Era of staking as their “Big Bang—the start of a new LVCIDIA”. In essence, the idea is to create a metaverse built by and for the LVCIDIA community. By staking their NFTs, users can earn resources and use them to create stars. In other words, they get to leave their mark on the metaverse as “one of its earliest supporters.” 

To be sure, when Fvckrender first announced staking, not everyone was happy. This was primarily because of staking’s association with games and some fans disapproved of adding it to LVCIDIA. However, it’s worth noting that in the project’s own words, LVCIDIA is an “​​interactive art experience” and not a game. 

“For us, staking means we can allow our collectors to participate in creating the largest immersive artwork the world has ever seen,” the team explained. “Through earning resources and creating stars, staking encourages community collaboration in the pursuit of art. It is unlike any form of staking you have seen prior, and will only add to the experience we are building.”

What is LVCIDIA?

As previously mentioned, LVCIDIA is a user-generated, ​​interactive art experience developed by Fvckrender. Back in March this year, the artist dropped the much-awaited FVCK AVATAR NFTs, which serve as “beacons” in LVCIDIA. The 3D collectibles come with a range of inherent utilities within the artist’s ecosystem. 

LVCIDIA metaverse

LVCIDIA is an interactive art experience.

How and why did Fvckrender create LVCIDIA?

In a Twitter thread, Digital co-founder OhhShiny recalled the origins of Fvckrender’s LVCIDIA. Around two years ago, the crypto artist started learning Unreal Engine (a 3D creation tool for developing games) to create his own planet. Called FV_290b, the planet is at once a 3D artwork and a playable experience. Later, Fvckrender sold it as an NFT-backed artwork.

However, the artist had bigger plans—he wanted to build more planets. “I remember him telling me, “1 planet isn’t cool; you know what’s cool? A billion planets,” OhhShiny tweeted. “So Fred got back to work thinking of how he could create a universe of stars and planets, each unique works of art, ownable and playable.”

In the meantime, Fvckrender sold out two collections: FVCK CRYSTALs and FVCK AVATARs. Finally, his vision for LVCIDIA came to fruition this week. 

“Yesterday, a mechanism was unveiled to allow works from either collection to become minable as if each was a space artifact in his universe,” OhhShiny explained. “Each artwork may have different resources, which can then be spent to generate new stars and planets, ownable as @fvckrender artworks.”

You can experience Fvckrender’s creation on his LVCIDIA website

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