Game Over: Find Out Who Emerged as the Top Scorer in BAYC Dookey Dash

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) concludes its infamous Dookey Dash web3 game and is to announce the winner of the mint soon! Earlier this week, the NFT brand tweeted out to its followers that they have locked their leaderboard. The BAYC Sewer Passes surpassed over $73 million in trading volumes.

A poster reading Game F***in Over - the official tweet by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT brand as the final screen of the Dookey Dash web3 game.

Who Won the BAYC Dookey Dash?

Dookey Dash saw over 25,000 unique players running through its Sewers over 7,618,000 times. The interactive narrative-tied game was more than a blockbuster in the BAYC ecosystem. The latest BAYC tweets say that they are “validating the scores and will share the final leaderboard” once they complete their review. The final scoreboard results will be announced at the summoning event on February 15th.

To keep with the lore, the BAYC Dookey Dash winner gains the key inside Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole. At the moment, with the frozen leaderboard, the highest scorer is professional video game player Mongraal (@Mongraal). Mongraal has a huge score of 928,522 points. This is an insanely high score, and some users have claimed that even with their Tier 1 passes, they could only max out at the 200k mark. Furthermore, Yuga Labs also announced it would be removing a few names from the leaderboard due to cheating.

In a previous article we spoke about how Yuga Labs plans to distribute prizes to skill-based players. Moreover, all Sewer Pass holders who played Dookey Dash gain access to the Summoning event on the 15th of February. Assuming they did not cheat and their score is valid, they also burn their passes for rewards.

In an ecosystem where monkey JPEG’s go for ~$1 million, the Dookey Dash Key is certain to fetch a high price as well. To add to this, Sewer Pass holders may continue to trade their passes among themselves throughout this week. After this week, BAYC rewards the Sewer Pass holders their appropriate share of the reward(s).

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