Gary Vee Announces VeeCon 2023–But When And Where Is It?

Gary Vee in black tshirt surrounded by VeeFriends talking about VeeCon 2023

Last night, VeeCon and VeeFriends posted a video of serial entrepreneur Gary Vee supposedly announcing the details of VeeCon 2023. In the two-minute-long video, Gary was joined by a bunch of VeeFriends characters—all under the pretext of revealing the date and location of VeeCon 2023. And that’s precisely what neither Gary Vee nor the characters told us. 

Gary Vee in black tshirt surrounded by VeeFriends talking about VeeCon 2023

Seriously, when is VeeCon 2023?

VeeCon 2023: So, what did Gary Vee announce?

Short answer—nothing. The video showed Gary Vee asking different VeeFriends characters to announce where and when VeeCon 2023 will take place. The characters included Intuitive Iguana, Astronaut, Gary Bee, and Patient Pig. While everyone went on debating who could give us the answer, ultimately, no one did. 

Long story short, so far, we only know that the next edition of VeeCon is coming soon. The video ended with Gary Vee concluding that they are not disclosing the details.

Naturally, the video disappointed viewers who were excited to uncover the details. For instance, Farokh tweeted, “I feel rugged rn”. 

“Got me muting the TV, exiting my Twitter space and getting to a quiet place just for the teaser. I’ll get you back @garyvee just wait. I’ll get you back,” wrote JonesDaGuru. 

What is VeeCon?

A multi-day, exclusive Web3 conference, VeeCon is one of the biggest utilities for VeeFriends holders. Essentially, the conference focuses on NFTs, pop culture, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, and innovation. In fact, holders get a three-year (2022 – 2024) access pass to the conference. 

The event is packed with inspiring talks, panel discussions, galleries, and installations, among others. More importantly, it gives holders a chance to meet Gary Vee himself. 

Although this year’s VeeCon 2022 happened during the bear market, it was still an astounding success. Now, community members are eagerly awaiting VeeCon 2023!

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