Gary Vee Endorses World of Women NFT Collection for its “Fire Art”

World of Women NFT Collection caught the attention of Crypto Influencer and Entrepreneur Gary Vee. In an Instagram video, the CEO of Vaynermedia nudged his 9.1 Million followers to check out the NFT Collection because of its “fire art” and huge potential.

24 hours after posting, the video has reached $360,000 views and counting. 

World of Women NFTs on OpenSea

10,000 Digital Collectibles of Unique, Cool and Diverse Women. Credits: OpenSea

World of Women NFT Collection

The 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of unique, cool and diverse women are being praised for their diverse and fresh feel.  The community is having a blast linking the NFTs to real-life successful women from the music, film, comedy industries and more! For example, they noticed that there are NFTs that have an uncanny resemblance to Lady Gaga, Lupita Nyongo and Ali Wong. 

World of Women NFT

World of Women NFT

The community pointing out uncanny resemblances between the NFTs and real life Queens. Credit: Twitter (World of Women)

Gary Vee thinks that World of Women is perfect for those who are just starting out. He said, “This is for everyone who has smaller bags but wants to learn #nfts.” He also thinks it’s a wonderful collection and has a great Discord community. 

World of Women NFTs are sold out but it’s being traded on the secondary market on OpenSea. The floor price is currently at .19 ETH or $497 USD. When Vee posted the video it was only $169. So the video gave it the marketing boost it deserves. 

Aside from Gary Vee, award-winning rapper  Ja Rule gave his seal of approval to the project. He bought one of the pieces citing that it reminded him of his daughter. 

World of Women NFT

Credits: Twitter (@jarule)

So what’s this new collection that caught the attention of Gary Vee? Let’s find out.

The NFT Project’s “It Factor”

The project assures its NFT holders four unique perks. The first one is membership options in thee exclusive clubs. These are the royalties, investors and curators club. Basically, there are 3 attributes or combinations of attributes related to each club. So if your NFT has an attribute connected to the club, you’ll receive the benefits.

Being a part of the Royalties club entitles the NFT Holder to a share in the fees. 50% of all OpenSea royalties earned from secondary sales to be split monthly between the members. Meanwhile, those in the Investors club will enjoy profit-sharing benefits. 50% of all profits generated by the WoW Fund to be split monthly between the members. Lastly, those in the Curators club can participate in selecting the NFT Art that the WOW Fund will purchase once a month. 

World of Women NFT

Credit: World of Women

The second benefit of being an NFT holder is the commercial royalties. The project will award 50% royalties to the NFT owners for any commercial use of their NFTs. Then, the third benefit is the eligibility for an exciting airdrop. The project will airdrop up to 100 signed framed prints to NFT holders.

Finally, if you’re an NFT holder you’ll be able to unlock its suer high resolution 4000×4000 version. This way you can print the art and use it for other projects. 

By Women, For Women 

The whole collection is the work of Yam Karkai in her signature hand-drawn and colorful style using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. Her mission has always been to highlight and empower women by making them the center of her pieces.

World of Women is about empowering women through art and promoting diversity. Thus, it is supporting Women in the real world as well. 2.5% of all sales will be donated to every three causes. She’s the first (Educate Girls), Too Young To Wed (Anti-child marriage) and Strange Cintia (a community-member fighting severe ME/CFS).

You can purchase World of Women NFTs on OpenSea and learn more about the project on its website

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