Get Ready to Unlock The Ecosystem With Genesis Keys Genesis Key floating among clouds

NFTs have come a long way in the past couple of years. Today, these digital assets have made their way across industries. This includes art, gaming, fashion, virtual real estate, and events, to name a few. However, most NFT platforms today don’t offer the customization needed to cater to all these industries. For them, art continues to be the primary use case of NFTs. This is where differs. Genesis Key floating among clouds

You need the Genesis Key NFTs to unlock the ecosystem.

What is is a next-generation, community-driven NFT platform, for the creator ecosystem. In a nutshell, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the people, by the people. After all, the platform firmly believes that the cultural shift brought on by NFTs should not be governed by a few corporations or VCs. is a subsidiary of Immutable Holdings, a blockchain holding company. Founded by Jordan Fried, the company’s vision is to democratise access to Web3 and all blockchain-based products.  

So, how exactly does work?

On the platform, you can mint your own profile name. It is entirely up to you to decide what name to mint. This profile will serve as your marquee address, display, storefront, and hub for all your digital assets. Basically, it will be your one-stop Web3 home base. 

What’s more, you can customise it any way you want, to ultimately reflect your uniqueness and what you believe in. Later, you can even develop the profile name or sell it. 

Upon launch, only 10,000 people will have a chance to mint an NFT. However, for this, you need to get your hands on the “Genesis Key”.

Various Genesis Key NFTs

Genesis Key blind auction starts on April 26.

Genesis Key blind auction starts next week is all set to drop 10,000 unique, fully-animated Genesis Key NFTs next week. These coveted keys will unlock your ability to mint two custom Profile NFTs. Besides, all Genesis Key holders will get early access to the platform and can participate in governance. 

The blind auction for the first 3,000 Genesis Keys will go live at 7 pm EDT on April 26. Only whitelisted users can participate in the 48-hour long auction. To make sure you are on the list, register at at the earliest. 

Now, all the top 3,000 bids will win a key. However, everyone will pay the same price. Basically, all winners will have to pay whatever is the 3001st bid. Later, at 7 pm EDT on May 2, the remaining keys will go on sale at a fixed price. This price will be based on the median of the top 3,000 bids in the blind auction., complete with a profile gallery, analytics features, and marketplace, is set to launch in Q2 2022. It promises to be the ultimate NFT hub for all Web3 fans!

To know more about the project, you can check its website. Make sure to follow the platform on Twitter and Instagram, and join its Discord server for all the latest updates.