Get to Know Free-to-Play CyberPunk Blockchain RPG, Neon District!

Neon District is a free-to-play cyberpunk RPG on the Polygon blockchain. Moreover, it is a hybrid role-playing and asset collecting game set in a futuristic, tech noir landscape. Set in the 3rd person,  a party of characters, equipment and other NFT assets progress through various stages of exciting game-play.

Neon District is the flagship title developed by Blockade Games. It is a team of game developers, artists, and innovators whose central ethos is inclusivity, experimentation, and creativity. The full public release of Neon District Version 2.0 is in Q4. The game just dropped Season 1 Items on OpenSea and the players are eating it up.

Neon District Graphics

Neon District is Blockade Game’s free-to-play RPG Game running on Polygon Blockchain. Credit: Blockade Games

What makes this game stand out is that, unlike regular asset-based games, the NFTs in the Neon District become more valuable as you play the game. Meaning items gain experience points, take on special abilities, receive physical flaws and can even gain cybernetic enhancements. 

Let’s start with the lore 

In Neon District lore starts with The Mainspring. Essentially. they are an autocratic and mechanical government attempting to wipe out all previous signs of culture and independent thought. As government-issued identities are mandated, those who refuse to be merged into Mainspring’s network must go into hiding or face retribution. The rebels, called Degens, fight back by crafting their own equipment and forming their own community dedicated to taking back control.

So the Degens are the stars of this blockchain game, Neon District. Basically, the challenge for you as a player is to survive the hard life of a Degen. Then, rise in the ranks and learn to defeat the Mainspring’s Operatives.

Ready? Let’s talk about how to get started!

How to Start Playing Neon District

Neon District is a metaverse of characters and villains, driven primarily by players forming factions and syndicates. The ND universe has years of storyline and missions lined up and will showcase competitive player-versus-player combat.

To start playing, you need to create your team. Every player in Neon District starts with enough coins to buy the 4 characters needed to form a team. To play, you need a minimum of 4 teammates. There are six character types to choose from, and your team can consist of any combination of four characters.

Neon District Character Page

The game has a low barrier to entry because you can just claim a free character to get started. Credit: Neon District

Each character starts with a 10-card deck, or “pool.” These cards can be exchanged through the Leveling process, during which you can choose from one of three random level-up bonuses, which include additional stat upgrades or a new card. Your character always has only 10 cards, so choosing a new card means replacing a current one.

Equipping characters is where you’ll combine your character with many different choices for armor and a weapon. There are four armor slots: Head, Body, Arms, and Legs. Leveling up a piece of armor grants you increased stats, but not additional cards.

Editing Team on Neon District

The battle starts once you’ve settled on your 4 characters under team set-up. Credit: Neon District

Each completed character, equipped with a weapon, has a deck that consists of 20 total cards. By creating combinations of up to four characters per team, you can create character decks that have synergies with one another. Just as you would want some characters to heal your party and others to taunt the opponent, the cards add another layer in which you can use multiple combinations of decks to levy strong attacks and defenses.

All that’s left for you to start battling is assigning up to 4 characters to a team under Team Setup. Slots 1–4 are how your characters will be arranged in battle: front to back.

Battle and Assets 

Playing a battle operates similarly to traditional turn-based role-playing games. Each player has a team of one or more characters, and at any given time, it’s one character’s turn to take action. At the start of a battle, there’s a coin toss to decide which team goes first. Then, the characters’ turn order is organized from front to back, alternating between teams.

A player can choose an action for their active character during each turn: either a default base attack or one of the three-card selections. The player also chooses a target, which can be any conscious character on the battlefield, provided that the action allows selecting that target.

This is where the strategy component kicks in.

Battling on Neon District

The battle format follows traditional turn-based RPG Games but with an NFT twist. Credit: Neon District

Making a choice incurs a cost on the character, similar to spending Mana or Points to perform an action in a card game. The costs are in the form of “Ticks,” and each character has an endless supply. However, the higher the tick cost of an action, the longer the cooldown until that character’s next turn. 

There are multiple weapon types, and each has its own dedicated tree of cards. Each weapon type also has multiple sizes, which can further affect the cards each weapon can get. The current weapon types are Blade, Console, Drone, Dual Melee, Energy, Pistol, Returning, Rifle, and Thrusting.

A team must knock out all of their opponents to win a battle while having at least one conscious player remain standing. In the event of a double knock-out, the game ends in a draw.

Neon District’s Q3 Development Update 

Two weeks ago, the game unveiled its Q3 development update. The team reported that the UI/UX components and elements of Neon District Version 2.o had been defined and solidified. In parallel, the UI/UX flows are now in the final stages. Finally, the team is boarding new team members to speed up development. 

Furthermore, to the delight of players, the artists already drew and redesigned All of the 400+ Neon District Season Zero assets. In effect, it now fits on the in-game character rigs for battle and equipment. In terms of the assets, 5 new base armor sets are coming to the game. It includes all rarities for the Doctor, Ghost, Jack, Chance, and Demon armor sets, and 6 new base weapons to the Loot Crate.

The team compiled everything you need to know about the game in this one-stop guide

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