gmoney Announces New Drop: ITERATION-03

Following his first two drops, gmoney and the 9dcc brand launch new luxury baseball caps on ITERATION-03, the latest drop from the iconic web3/NFT fashion house. The caps offer a sleek and sophisticated twist on a classic style. This stylish accessory features the brand’s signature insignia.

a picture of gmoney's NFT brand 9dcc's iteration 03 headwear lineup featuring caps of different colors.

About 9DCC Iteration 3: gmoney’s Latest Offering

The 9dcc Luxury Baseball Cap comes with a deep and comfortable fit, designed to accommodate most head sizes. It is available in four different colors: Black, Hunter, Fuchsia, and Mauve. Moreover, the caps are randomly distributed during launch. The total supply of caps is limited to just 1600 pieces. This makes the accessory a limited edition item and a coveted phygital piece for collectors.

The cap will be launched at NFT NYC on Wednesday, April 12th, coinciding with a 9dcc treasure hunt. We can expect more details about the treasure hunt soon by the brand. The cap also includes a monochromatic embroidery of the ITERATION-03 on the brim. Furthermore, it has an adjustable buckle engraved with the 9dcc logo. Additionally, the caps integrate a special Networked Product™ technology, making them an interactive and personalized accessory for its wearers.

This unique “Networked Product” feature of the 9dcc Luxury Baseball Cap ups its social element. By tapping on the monochromatic embroidered “9” on the back right of the cap, users can interact with the 9dcc ecosystem, which includes gamification and personalized POAPs. This feature allows wearers to connect with others in the 9dcc community and further personalize their accessory.

Overall, the 9dcc Luxury Baseball Cap is a high-quality accessory that combines style, sophistication, and innovation, making it a must-have for fashion-forward consumers.

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