Gucci Now Accepts BAYC Token, ApeCoin

Image of Gucci store ApeCoin

Gucci has announced that it is now accepting the BAYC token, ApeCoin, thanks to its partnership with BitPay. The news confirms Gucci will become the first store to accept ApeCoin as payment. Currently, this is only available to US customers in select stores of the luxury brand. Gucci now has ten cryptocurrencies that it accepts, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. This is a huge moment for the native currency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Image of Gucci store ApeCoin

Gucci is now accepting ApeCoin in select stores in the United States.

ApeCoin users can now spend token at Gucci!

In a tweet, Gucci confirmed the news to its 6.8 million followers. @Gucci said, “Now accepting @ApeCoin payments via@BitPay, select Gucci boutiques in the USA expand the range of cryptocurrencies available for in-store purchases, yet another step in the House’s exploration of Web3.”

Gucci has been working hard to adopt the web3 world. In recent months they have been working on a metaverse space in Roblox, a deal with SuperRare and its own NFT collection. 

ApeCoin is growing in popularity

With Gucci now accepting ApeCoin in its stores, it marks a significant milestone for the token. Furthermore, it offers legitimacy and confidence that money cannot buy. Now, it will be interesting to see who else follows the luxury brand and also accepts ApeCoin as currency.

Finally, the BAYC coin has only been available since the end of February this year. It is great how ApeCoin is already getting the support of a huge fashion house like Gucci. 

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