Gucci Opens Its Land In The Sandbox To The Public

Luxury fashion company Gucci has officially opened its Gucci Vault Land in The Sandbox. From yesterday until November 9th, public members can explore the Gucci space for free! Moreover, this exciting, immersive experience allows users to have fun, learn and relax in a fashionable Gucci metaverse environment.

Image of the Gucci Vault Land Space

Gucci Vault is now open in The Sandbox.

Gucci Vault Land is free to enter!

During this huge free experience at the Gucci Land space, some fantastic events are on offer, and everyone is welcome to explore. The Gucci Vault Land is created by Vault, the fashion house’s experimental concept store.

This space celebrates the careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces and the dialogues between contemporary creators and the Gucci brand. 

Players begin the immersive experience by entering a beautiful garden surrounded by ancient ruins. Wander through the Grand Entrance hall and visit the glorious room, with each offering an insight into Gucci Vault’s core pillars. From here, you explore the games and activities in The Sandbox space.

What can you do in the Gucci Sandbox experience?

Gucci Vault Land guests can head to the Vault Vintage Lab and restore a vintage Gucci bag. Or, if you like puzzles and games, you can try and crack riddles in the Vault Room of Rhyme. Players who take part in these activities will enter a Sandbox raffle. The rewards are exclusive and also include SAND – The Sandbox token. There will be 10,00 winners with a prize pool of 500 thousand SAND.

There is also a range of curated digital collectibles on offer through the Gucci Vault Land experience. You can find hats, skate ramps, a vault, and even a car!

What’s more, any person with a SUPERGUCCI or Gucci Grail will receive a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, a piece of wearable fashion for their avatars.

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