Guild of Guardians Launch Date is Delayed….Again

The highly-anticipated NFT-powered game Guild of Guardians (GoG) has delayed its alpha launch again, the team announced on social media. The new version – initially set to launch at the end of this year – has been postponed until 2023. Accordingly, the team will use the extra time to improve the gameplay loop, and other core elements, to ensure a successful release.

With 300K waitlist members eagerly expecting the drop, community members can’t help but wonder: is this all worth it?

digital poster featuring characters from the Guild of Guardians NFT game

Guild of Guardians has postponed its long-anticipated alpha release to the beginning of 2023. Credit: GoG

Why did GoG delay their launch date?

On October 12th, Guild of Guardians (GoG) revealed their alpha launch will happen in 2023 instead of this quarter. The popular game’s team shared their top two reasons for their decision in a detailed blog post.

To begin with, the team aims to further improve the game’s existing gameplay elements. The delay will also allow creators to get more feedback from the community for a successful launch.

Secondly, the team cited the Web3 technology’s unpredictability. Every step forward to innovation also means a new challenge, the team explained.

“We’re making great strides and plan to announce an updated launch date as soon as possible. Although exacting timelines can be tricky, we are committed to sharing regular progress updates so the community can follow along, and will likely continue to run private playtests as we approach the launch,” Guild of Guardians’ project founders added.

digital poster of the Guild of Guardians roadmap

The RPG game’s roadmap includes many exciting updates, including active staking and a Beta version. Credit: GoG

What is Guild of Guardians?

In essence, Guild of Guardians is a role-playing mobile game powered by NFTs. Its gameplay features play-to-earn mechanics with unique characters and summons. Each player uses their character to engage in battles, evolve, and even trade NFTs. Of course, the higher an NFT character’s level, the higher its monetary value.

The game’s innovative lore attracted thousands of NFT collectors and players. Right now, more than 300K users have signed up on the waitlist for the game’s upcoming alpha launch.

“We know this will be disappointing news for those eagerly waiting, but the Guild of Guardians team values transparency, and we want to share the logic behind this decision with the community as soon as possible,” the founding team wrote in their blog post.

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