Gunzilla Games Unveils OpenSea Integration for NFT Trading

Gunzilla Games Unveils OpenSea Integration for NFT Trading

AAA game studio Gunzilla Games and leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, the people behind the GUNZ blockchain have announced a significant partnership. With this release, OpenSea becomes the ninth blockchain to natively integrate GUNZ, allowing for easy cross-platform in-game item transactions.

Offering Players Ownership of In-game Assets

GUNZ is an unique Avalanche Subnet that empowers AAA game creators by facilitating the development of player-driven economies. As tradeable NFTs (non-fungible tokens), in-game assets are fully owned by players through GUNZ. This ground-breaking method gives players actual ownership of their virtual stuff, completely changing the way they enjoy games.

The transition from traditional web2 gameplay to the new web3 paradigm is made possible by the integration of GUNZ into OpenSea. Thanks to this integration, OpenSea users and players may easily exchange in-game NFT items across different games developed on the GUNZ blockchain. In addition, the “GUN” token will be used to facilitate transactions and will be the only accepted form of payment in this ecosystem.

Announcement of Off The Grid: An Close Look at the Future

Off The Grid, a cyberpunk-style battle royale game by Gunzilla Games, is set to be the first title released on the GUNZ platform. Off The Grid, which is slated for release this year on PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, will highlight the possibilities of GUNZ and its collaboration with OpenSea while providing gamers with a peek into the future of gaming economies.

With a focus on the shared goal of giving players genuine ownership of their in-game assets, Vlad Korolov, CEO and co-founder of Gunzilla Games, expressed delight about the collaboration with OpenSea. Seeing a single, player-driven ecosystem spanning all GUNZ powered games, he noted the innovative effect this partnership will have on the gaming economy.

Growth Prospects and Strategic Funding

This announcement comes on the back of Gunzilla Games’ recent $30 million total investment in funding success. A $10 million strategic token round headed by CoinFund and the Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Fund, with participation from Republic Capital and Morningstar Ventures, is among the notable contributions. This large investment shows the gaming sector trust in the potential of the GUNZ blockchain and Gunzilla Games’ mission.

Growth Prospects and Strategic Funding

OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer was excited to work with innovative pioneers in the game industry like Gunzilla Games. He highlighted his commitment to offering great gameplay experiences and smart in-game economies that put the needs of players first. A major step toward reaching this goal is the integration of GUNZ into OpenSea, which gives gamers a new degree of control and involvement in the gaming community.

Final Thoughts

The GUNZ blockchain integration with OpenSea marks an important turning point in the development of gaming economies. This partnership opens up the opportunity for a more inclusive and immersive gaming ecosystem by giving players real ownership of in-game assets and creating transparent trade settings.