Have FOMO? Change that to JOMO with Mental Health NFTs!

Digital mental health collective Peace Inside Live launches their latest initiative — “The JOMO Effect” – an extraordinary NFT collection inspired by wellness. This avant-garde venture aims to raise funds for mental health while captivating the attention of enthusiasts in the digital realm. Let’s take a closer look!

a picture of the JOMO effect logo, the mental health NFT collection

Crafted by over 40 visionary creators, the JOMO Effect NFT collection offers open-edition tokens

JOMO Effect: Linking NFTs to Mental Health

Crafted by over 40 visionary creators, the JOMO Effect NFT collection offers open-edition tokens. These assets are available for minting exclusively on Polygon through the Magic Eden. For a limited time of 24 hours, collectors can secure these exceptional pieces of digital artistry for 24 MATIC (~$21). However, before the public minting commences, a three-hour window opens for enthusiasts to join the coveted “Joy List” (allow list). Moreover, the Joy List entrants mint the tokens at a reduced rate of 20 MATIC (~$18).

It combines a stellar lineup of 11 partners. This includes the esteemed metaverse organization Seva.Love led by alternative wellness advocate Deepak Chopra. It also includes TIME magazine’s Web3 division TIMEPieces, and renowned crypto domain provider Unstoppable Domains. Further partners include prodigious digital artist Adam Bomb Squad, and cutting-edge NFT platform House of First. Peace Inside Live is primed to unveil the highly anticipated JOMO Effect NFT collection. This groundbreaking release coincides with Mental Health awareness month in May. This further signifies the collective’s dedication to destigmatizing and prioritizing mental well-being.

What sets the JOMO Effect NFT collection apart is its commitment to giving back. With each minted NFT, a percentage of the primary sale profits is donated to five commendable mental health charities. This includes the esteemed American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. But the perks don’t end there. Collectors have the opportunity to immerse themselves further in this transformative experience. They gain access to Deepak Chopra’s transformative Soul of Leadership course, exclusive Peace Inside Live meditations and mindfulness materials, and a generous 30% discount for Unstoppable Domains, among other enticing offers.


abstract visual art for jomo

Kristina Flynn donate her first ever public art piece for JOMO

What is JOMO?

At the heart of this visionary collection lies the concept of JOMO—an exhilarating counterbalance to the pervasive FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” JOMO, or the “joy of missing out,” has emerged as a prominent theme within the Web3 space. As collectors feverishly plunge into various collections and events, striving to be omnipresent in the NFT realm and capitalize on every opportunity, JOMO presents a refreshing perspective. It encourages individuals to revel in the blissful state of embracing what truly matters. It also gears them to find fulfillment in the present moment.

Speaking on JOMO, collaborating artist Kristina Flynn said: “Mental illness doesn’t define me, but it’s a significant part of who I am; shaping my values, experiences, and perspectives. While I acknowledge that this is a lifelong challenge, it’s crucial to recognize the reality of everyone’s everyday struggles. Too often, we hear about the success stories, but not about those who have worked for decades and still face challenges daily. So, I’m sharing my journey as part of The JOMO Effect campaign – while I sit at home shaking and ruminating – to publicly confront one of my biggest fears.”

Shira Lazar, co-founder of Peace Inside Live, envisions the JOMO Effect NFT collection as a catalyst for conversations surrounding the crucial importance of mental health within Web3. This audacious endeavor not only empowers collectors to make a profound impact on the greater community but also allows them to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and well-being. Deepak Chopra, an unwavering advocate for mindfulness, expressed his belief in the necessity of promoting mental health within the expanding Web3 landscape. In a press release, he emphasized the potential of Web3 as a transformative space that calls for concerted efforts in nurturing mental well-being amidst its rapid evolution.

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