“Heart + Craft” – A New Drop From Art Blocks Founder ‘snowfro’

a blocky colourful heart created by artist snowfro

A decade ago, Art Blocks founder Erick “snowfro” Calderon ignited his creative journey by crafting heart-shaped art installations from painted 3D-printed cubes, spreading positivity through public spaces. Now, a remarkable blend of his past and the NFT realm emerges as “Heart + Craft”. This is a generative art drop aiming to captivate collectors with its innovative twist. Let’s take a closer look.


  • “Heart + Craft”: A generative art drop by snowfro and Prohibition founder Jordan Lyall
  • NFTs featuring intricate blocky hearts generated through a blockchain algorithm, priced at 0.01 ETH ($18), minted on Arbitrum
  • Each NFT includes instructions for 3D-printing, painting, and assembling into tangible heart sculptures, promoting owner engagement and creativity.
a blocky colourful heart created by artist snowfro

An example output from “Heart + Craft.” IMG Credit: Prohibition

“Heart + Craft” – A New Age for snowfro

“Heart + Craft” launches on August 24 through Prohibition NFT art platform. The collaboration between snowfro and Prohibition founder Jordan Lyall introduces NFTs portraying vibrant and intricately designed blocky hearts, generated by a blockchain algorithm during minting. Additionally, the NFTs are an affordable 0.01 ETH (approximately $18). Further, they are minted on Arbitrum, an Ethereum scaling network known for efficient transactions.

“Heart and Art” reflects the colours within “Chromie Squiggle,”. “Chromie Squiggle” was the very first Art Blocks project, and snowfro launched this in 2020. Now, Art Blocks takes a step further by enabling collectors to turn NFTs into tangible art pieces. Each “Heart + Craft” NFT comes with instructions for 3D-printing, painting, and assembling the blocks into heart sculptures. Therefore, the degree of complexity adds a personalized touch, allowing owners to engage as creators.

snowfro’s inventive approach underscores his commitment to the NFT space’s evolution. The project aims to foster inclusivity and creativity, departing from conventional NFT hype cycles. Moreover, snowfro envisions the project as a relaxing puzzle, contrasting the urgency of FOMO-driven acquisitions.

Beyond the digital realm, “Heart + Craft” envisions a future where the kits are available in retail stores, making generative art accessible to a broader audience. snowfro embraces the freedom of choice for buyers, who may opt for physical engagement without claiming the associated NFT, fostering multiple entry points into the NFT universe.

Finally, in an ever-evolving NFT landscape, snowfro’s vision offers a glimpse of a more accessible and collaborative future.

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