Heath Ledger Foundation To Drop Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Star

Heath Ledger’s unforgettable charisma will live on forever, thanks to a rare collection of NFT photographs. The Heath Ledger Foundation’s collectibles drop today (September 14th) and feature rare photos of the late actor. The foundation will use part of the proceeds to support young Australian actors on their journey to Hollywood.

image of late actor Heath Ledger at LA River standing near a fence

The iconic late actor Heath Ledger becomes the latest star featured in an NFT photography collection. Credit: WattsupNFT

What makes the Heath Ledger NFTs special?

Starting September 14th, Heath Ledger’s fans get a new chance to honor their favorite actor, and this time via NFTs. The new collection, launched by the Heath Ledger Foundation, features rarely seen photos of the late actor.

To illustrate, the intimate portraits show Ledger’s charismatic side during an LA River photoshoot. From surfing to skateboarding or simply fooling around, Ledger was captured enjoying life at its fullest.

For instance, one of the NFT photos is titled “Spontaneous moments at LA River”. The image caption explains that Heath and his photographer had to sneak into the photo location, as they didn’t have a permit to be there.

The Heath Ledger Foundation will auction off each NFT photograph. In addition to the NFT itself, winning bidders will receive one of the following:

  • a physical magazine of the collection’s photos;
  • a fine art print of their own digital asset signed by the photographer.
digital collage featuring Heath Ledger photographs while skateboarding in Los Angeles

The Heath Ledger Foundation will use the proceeds to support emerging Australian actors. Credit: WattsupNFT

Who is behind the Heath Ledger NFT drop?

Firstly, the Heath Ledger Foundation had the initiative to launch this NFT collection. Each intimate picture pays homage to the late actor, best known for playing The Joker in the 2008 blockbuster “The Dark Knight”.

The photographer behind the lens is Ben Watts, who previously worked on campaigns for The GAP or Polo Ralph Lauren, among others. Moreover, Ben’s sister Naomi Watts dated Heath Ledger between 2002 – 2004.

Accordingly, the Heath Ledger Foundation will use part of the NFT sales’ proceeds for its main goal: to support emerging Australian actors. Each recipient gets a cash prize, support in Hollywood, and career training. Notably, some of the judges picking winning talents are Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth.

intimate portrait of Heath Ledger

The Photography NFT niche is expanding at lightspeed with some pieces selling for millions of dollars. Credit: WattsupNFT

Are photography NFTs on the rise?

The NFT boom has attracted plenty of photographers recently and for good reason. After all, what better way to prove ownership and honor an artist’s visual work than via smart contracts?

In fact, this niche became so successful that even the International Space Station dropped exclusive space photographs as NFTs. Other popular examples include Isaac Wright, Foodmasku, and Mario Testino. If you find the Heath Ledger NFTs interesting, you can check out more exclusive photographers and marketplace recommendations in our guide on the top NFT photographers in 2022.

Nevertheless, the most successful NFT photography collection belongs to Justin Aversano. His first drop “Twin Flames” lists Snoop Dogg, Christie’s, and Gary Vaynerchuk as proud holders.

Want to start your own photography NFT collection? Our guide covers everything you should know about minting and selling your own photos as NFTs – and why it’s all worth it!


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