Hello Kitty 10k NFT Collection Set To Drop Via RECUR and Sanrio

Hello Kitty and Friends NFT

A new and exclusive Hello Kitty NFT collection is set to launch next month, on August 25th, on the RECUR platform, in partnership with Sanrio. The ‘Hello Kitty and Friends’ collection will feature six beloved characters that can travel to eight cities around the world.

Hello Kitty and Friends NFT

The new NFT collection is coming exclusively to the RECUR marketplace.

The Hello Kitty NFTs

‘Hello Kitty and Friends’ is embarking on a new journey. Now, an NFT collection of the world-famous franchise will be launching on the RECUR NFT marketplace. The collection will see 1o,000 NFTs for sale. Fans will be able to collect Hello Kitty characters and earn new digital collectibles by completing various challenges where they travel to eight iconic cities around the world.

To clarify, two of these will exclusively be available for RECUR pass holders. Many clues to the characters and locations of the NFTs will be announced on the @RECURForever Twitter page in the lead-up to the drop.

“We’re thrilled to create a platform for all Hello Kitty fans, old and new, to take flight and experience the metaverse through Hello Kitty and Friends World,” said RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch. “Our goal is to provide a community where fans can interact and explore the metaverse with brands and IPs they love. We can’t wait to bring that to life for Sanrio fans across the globe.” 

More information on the drop can be found at hellokittyfrens.xyz where you can sign up with your email address.

About RECUR and Sanrio

RECUR is an NFT marketplace on Polygon, the blockchain focusing on lowering the environmental impact of blockchain usage. All of the RECUR-powered mints are eco-friendly. Also, the company continues to invest in carbon offset credits to help manage the carbon footprint generated from their work.

Interestingly, GaryVee is involved with RECUR as a partner. This came after he invested early into the company in November. This was around the same time that the marketplace secured the deal to create the Hello Kitty NFTs.

Sanrio is the company that created Hello Kitty in 1974. The global lifestyle brand is also home to many other character brands like My Melody, LittleTwinStars, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Gudetama, Aggretsuko, Chococat, Bad Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi and the British icons Mr. Men, Little Miss.

Today, Sanrio’s business extends further into the entertainment industry and now operates a number of theme parks. Also, they boast an extensive product lineup of around 50,000, which are available in over 130 countries and regions around the world. Further, to keep up to date with Sanrio’s venture, you can visit their website.

The History of Hello Kitty

To clarify, Hello Kitty is a fictional character as a part of the wider franchise. Her full name is Kitty White. Specifically, she was created by Yuko Shimizu, currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi, and owned by the Japanese company Sanrio.

Since the creation of the character in 1974, the Hello Kitty media franchise has expanded massively. Due to this expansion, they now produce clothing, accessories, games, toys, books, manga, anime series, and music, among others. Hello Kitty can certainly be classed as one of the biggest IPs in the world.

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