How The 3Landers NFT Collection Became Successful Overnight

Make no mistake, 3Landers is an instant NFT success. The NFT project has made good on its pre-sale hype, sustaining a great run on the secondary market since its launch. But what are the things that helped it perform so well?

Poster featuring 3landers NFTs

The young NFT project has rapidly become a favorite in the space. Credit: 3Landers

Breaking down the instant success of 3Landers

For those who don’t know, 3Landers is a 10K NFT collection of distinctly illustrated characters. The core creative behind the project is the artist and co-founder, Pom aka 3LandBoy.

Rounding out the team is creative director/co-founder Stubby, and project coordinator EvoTheCurator. In addition, the Web3 development studio 0xStudio handled the technical side for the project.

Without a doubt, 3Landers had one of the most successful launches of 2022 so far. To illustrate, since launching last week, the collection has already amassed 18.1K ETH in secondary sales volume. Not only is that the most of any NFT project on OpenSea over that period, but it’s also enough to put 3Landers in the top 80 NFT projects of all time on OpenSea. To say nothing of its impressive 2.35 ETH floor price.

To be sure, 3Landers’ instantly recognizable and appealing artwork is the biggest draw of the project. 3LanderBoy’s playful and esoteric style has gotten a lot of love from the NFT space. Indeed, it really drove the hype behind the project as it geared up for launch.

Another key point is that 3Landers teamed up with some of the most popular NFT projects out there. To clarify, the partnership saw different NFT members of communities like Doodles, Cool Cats and Smilesssvrs get presale mint access. This lines up with the 3Landers team’s primary focus on community-building in the NFT space.

All things considered, as early as it is, 3Landers has the hallmarks of a potential blue-chip in the making. If you’d like to learn more about the project, The 3Landers team also posted an extensive blog post giving an overview of the project.

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