How To Promote Your NFT Collection: The Top Free and Paid Ways

how to promote your nft evening guide

Promoting an NFT is crucial to the success of your NFT project. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, as promoting in web3 is very different from promoting in web2. Still, with the right project and excellent NFT marketing, you can build the next big NFT brand! From collaborations to Twitter spaces, Discord to NFT events, there are many different ways that you can promote your NFT. This guide will lead you through easy ways to promote your NFT project.

how to promote your nft evening guide

This guide will lead you through easy ways to promote your NFT project.

How to Attract NFT Buyers

Offer Utility-Driven NFTs

When investing in an NFT, the buyer usually wants to gain something other than the art itself. We can safely assume that many one-of-one fine art buyers may purchase an NFT for the art alone, but many holders want to know what additional benefits the NFT offers. This is why almost all successful digital collectibles come with excellent utility. Take Bored Ape Yacht Club for example – pioneers of the NFT space offering incredible experiences for its members. From claimable physical merchandise, to token-gated concerts and airdropped tokens with ApeCoin, the brand keeps on giving back to its holders.

Another project with measurable utility is Adam Bomb Squad. The streetwear-inspired NFTs act as a membership token that gives royalties to its holders. When your bomb NFT is used on an item of clothing, as a holder you receive a cut of the royalties. This benefit passes down passive income to the collection holders. Then,  offering a different kind of utility, StonerCats allows holders to watch the adult animated series starring Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Jane Fonda, among others.

As you can see, the possibilities for utilities are endless. So consider your audience and focus on what you can give back to them.

Promote Your NFT With Giveaways

Every loves a giveaway! Why not host an NFT giveaway to promote your NFT project? Whether you are running a giveaway of an NFT from a different project, or offering up free mints of your own NFT, this is a sure way to gain followers.

To make sure that you are growing an engaged community and not acquiring silent followers, make the giveaway interesting. Do not simply post a ‘like, follow, and RT’ giveaway. Rather, get creative with puzzles and contests. One creative promotion idea is to host a fan art contest – just as Invisible Friends did. Another fun way to host a competition is to drop clues throughout Twitter Spaces. This clever method ensures that you grow your Twitter audience and Twitter Spaces audience, creating a snowball effect as you continue on your NFT marketing journey. Put simply, an NFT giveaway is an excellent way to gain an audience, but do this in a fun, engaging way.

Invisible friends fan art

An example of Invisible Friends Fan Art, by @Bsquareoshi

Create a Strong Brand Presence

Looking at all of the incredibly successful NFT projects already out there it may be tempting to copy an already existing top NFT collection. However, while there have been some successful NFT derivatives in the short term, such projects attract flippers and do not make a lasting impression as a brand. For example,  while BAYC has amassed 697.311 ETH in OpenSea trading volume, ‘Bored Mummy Waking Up’ has managed less than 10% of this, at 3737 ETH, and ‘Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up’ has amassed 321 ETH.

Admittedly, this is a still a lot of money. However, with both the Bored Ape derivatives having a floor price of 0.01 ETH in comparison to the whopping 68.9 ETH floor price of a Bored Ape, it is clear that while it works in the short term, a copycat collection is not a way to build a brand.

So – be original and be bold. Assess what is present in the market and where you can find your niche, then build a solid, well thought out brand. Think long term, not short term.

Why You Should Promote Your NFT Collection

Wondering why you should promote your NFT collection? Well, despite the artistic, decentralised nature of web3, and NFT project is still a brand and business. Therefore, it needs to be treated as such. Increased brand awareness means increased sales, and so it is in the best interest of yourself (and your holders) to promote your NFT. There are approximately 12,000 NFT sales every day (as of December 2022) and so you need to be loud to cut through the masses. If you do not promote your project, how do you find your audience?

How Do I Promote My NFT Project?

So, you may have beautiful artwork, outstanding utility, and an exciting roadmap ready to go! If you are super prepared, you could even have merchandise and future events lined up. All you need to do now is find your audience by promoting your NFT project. Fortunately, there are many paid and free methods of promoting an NFT project. Here are our top tips on NFT promotion.

How to Promote Your NFT Project For Free!

Build an Online Community

Community is a key part of any NFT project. Therefore, it is important to consider where you are going to focus your community promotion efforts. The key places to find and build an NFT community are Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Begin with Twitter. Once you have a large enough Twitter following, you can begin teasing your Discord account information. You may want to open up Discord right away, or, you could market your Discord as an ‘exclusive’ community, inviting new members through contests, collaboration, and competitions. Further, Telegram is another social media app widely used by NFT projects. This app is similar to WhatsApp, with a ‘group chat’ style function.

You may not want to have much of an online community – some projects, like Goblin Town, have no Discord. If you are clear on your project’s branding and intentions from the start your community will find you.

Promote NFT using Twitter (screenshot of Goblintown WTF Twitter page)

‘ₙₒ ₑₑₙₛₜₐgᵣᵤₘ ₙₒ dₑₛcᵤᵣd’ aka No Instagram, No Discord


Create Collaborations and Support other Projects and Artists

NFT community collaboration can make or break a project. When an upcoming NFT project collaborates with a larger one, this adds legitimacy to the emerging brand, in addition to promoting the NFT project to a larger community. Promotion collaborations can come in the form of NFT swaps (cross-community giveaways), Twitter Spaces, allowlist giveaways, and more. You may want to hire a ‘collaboration manager’ to seek out and organise NFT collabs.

Create Content and Send it to Crypto and NFT News Sites

To promote your NFT to a wider audience reach out to news publications. This is very important as some NFT collectors choose not to engage much with Twitter or Discord, but you can reach them through crypto news. Create press releases and medium blog posts, then send these to NFT and crypto publications. It is important to keep some money aside for this as you may need to pay for a press release, but there will be times when a publication will run your story for free!

Use Social Media to Promote Your NFT

As we have mentioned, online community is at the heart of your NFT project. Curate your crowd on Twitter, and then funnel these through to Discord.  One social media platform that most NFT projects do not consider is LinkedIn, but it should not be ignored. The NFT community on LinkedIn is growing, and so it may be a great place to promote your NFT project to a smaller, engaged audience.

use social media to promote your NFT

Online community is at the heart of your NFT project

How to Promote Your NFT on Twitter

Become Part of the NFT Twitter Community

NFT Twitter is crucial for any NFT project. Firstly, acquire an NFT handle relevant to your project. Then, before you set up your Twitter account, define your target audience and then start following relevant users and accounts. When you are ready to start sharing on Twitter, hop into spaces and engage with others on your timeline through comments and shares. Make sure that your content is exciting and engaging, and that users remember your project for being interesting, not just shilling. Tweeting ‘buy my NFT’ will have far less engagement than ‘GM degens’.

Promote Your NFT Using short Form Video Content

Short-form video content is a brilliant way to promote your NFT project. The majority of NFT Twitter is text and images, so when a video pops up in a Twitter feed, users are sure to stop and watch. In fact, comedian kmoney and crypto town-crier Gabriel Haines have found great success with skits and short-form videos. So, why not create a 30-second video with memorable sound and enticing images to make a lasting impression on your audience?

Attend Twitter Spaces About NFTs

The NFT community connects and shares through Twitter Spaces. There are endless spaces on a whole range of topics, from shill-spaces, to news discussions, project AMAs and mental-health chats. Explore these spaces to discover which spaces or media programs are best suited to the project you are building. Then, when you are ready to promote your NFT project through Twitter Spaces, make yourself known. There can be thousands of Twitter accounts listening in to one space, so create something that makes your Twitter profile recognisable. For example, the Cool Cats catchphrase ‘We Love The Cats’, mentioned to hype up Cool Cats Twitter Spaces. Or, the Goblin Town font, instantly noticeable amongst other profiles.


Promoting Your NFT on LinkedIn

We all know that degens live on Twitter, but a lot of serious NFT buyers also use LinkedIn. So, consider using LinkedIn as another road of NFT promotion. However, you will have to take a different approach with your LinkedIn presence. Create more long-form informative posts and spark thought-provoking discussions. Additionally, share your successes as a creator and how you got there.

screenshot of Frank DeGods on LinkedIN

Frank DeGods of DeGods and y00ts recently joined LinkedIn

How to Advertise on NFT Calendars

With so many NFT projects minting every day, prospective buyers and full-time degens use NFT calendars to keep track of upcoming mints. You can promote your NFT project on NFT calendars such as Rarity Sniper, NFT Drops and NFT Calendar. Did you know that you can also promote your NFT for free on our NFT Evening calendar?  You can also purchase a premium placement at the top of our calendar.

Promote Your NFT on Crypto Newsletters

As web3 is constantly evolving, keeping up with the news can be difficult! So, many NFT-enthusiasts subscribe to newsletters to keep up with the latest blockchain technology updates, NFT Twitter drama, and upcoming NFT drops. So, NFT newsletters are a great way to promote your NFT. Many crypto newsletters have promotion placements for NFT projects. So check out the best NFT newsletters and promote your NFT project.

Find Buyers for Your NFT in Real Life

Have you thought about looking for buyers outside of the internet? Yes, really! You can market your NFT project at NFT meetups and conferences! Attend conferences as a speaker to talk about what you are building and creating – you can even give away allowlist spots to those in the crowd as an extra incentive. Additionally, find NFT meetups in your area, and small meetups around larger conferences and events such as NFT NYC and Art Basel. By promoting your NFT in real life,  you can get up close and personal with your buyers and provide a more unique experience, one where you can really sell the message behind your project. Make sure that you carry flyers with your project details so that people can easily connect with you afterwards.

Pay an NFT Promotion Agency or Marketing Expert

Paid Shillers

If you want your NFT project to be the talk of the town then you may consider using paid shillers. An NFT shiller will heavily promote your NFT project. They will message people on Discord, retweet and post about your collection on Twitter, some even shill on subreddits. The services that NFT shillers offer vary – some simply rave about your project while others will promote your NFT while appearing to be independent (if you’ve ever received a ‘hey bro, I need help getting on the Whitelist!’ message then you know what we are talking about).

Be wary when choosing to engage shillers, as unsolicitated DMs are frowned upon and many have grown tired of the relentless shill culture.

Promote Your NFT with Influencer Marketing

Use influencer marketing to promote your NFT! There are so many NFT influencers, crypto-bloggers, and NFT invested celebrities. There are some NFT influencers who offer paid promotion packages, for example ArtChick, who has over 156 thousand followers on Twitter, offers paid promotion. However, you may also be able to get influencers to promote your NFT for free. ‘Honorary’ NFTs are NFTs created in honor of the recipient, in the style of your NFT collection. One collection that used honorary NFTs is Stardust Society. They created ‘stardusted’ PFPs of NFT influencers, who retweeted these NFTs with thanks. Of course, you cannot guarantee that any influencer will retweet your work, but it is worth a shot.


A tribute to a BAYC NFT by Stardust Society

c0c0 Stardust ‘stardusted’ Crystal Hefner’s PFP

NFT PR Companies to Promote Your NFT

Using a public relations (PR) company to promote your NFT project can help to raise awareness and generate interest. PR professionals are experts in their field, and so know how to effectively communicate the value of an NFT to potential buyers. Further, PR companies can reach a large audience through various channels, such as media outlets, social media, and online publications. Also, NFT PR companies often have a wide network of contacts who can amplify the reach of your project. Some of the top NFT PR companies for your NFT promotion include; MarketAcross, Wachsman, Coinbound and The 5th Column PR.

Paid Content on News Sites and Blogs

Paid content, also known as sponsored content, is a form of advertising in which a company pays a news site or blog to feature their content. Therefore, this can be a useful way for you to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness.

Promoting Your NFT: Final Words

In conclusion, promoting your NFT collection can be a challenging but rewarding process. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can effectively reach your target audience and generate interest in your NFTs. By investing time and effort into promoting your NFTs, you can build a strong following and drive demand for your unique digital assets. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques to ensure the success of your collection.

What to know more about promoting your NFT? Get in contact with one of our sales representatives to help you get started.

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