How To Send Messages To Any Ethereum Wallet: Meet Sticky Notes

send messages to any Ethereum Wallet.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to slide into someone’s DMs via their Ethereum wallet? Well, now there is. Enter Sticky Notes, a new and simple platform, developed by QuantumTech, that allows users to send messages to any Ethereum Wallet.

sticky notes

Sticky Notes enables you to send on-chain notes to any ETH wallet.

About Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a new QuantumTech throwaway that allows web3 natives to send messages to any Ethereum wallet. According to Project and Product Lead’s @mr0chill, “To make it more interesting we created what we believe is the first “double standard”; a contract that can mint both SBTs and NFTs.”

Sticky notes come in two states: as NFTs that are transferrable, and as SBTs, which are immutable & only burnable by the sender. Undoubtedly, there are tonnes of use cases for this new platform, including feedback, asking for an autograph from a popular NFT influencer, and, of course, collaboration. Each note costs 0.005 ETH (not including gas fees) to be sent.

There are, of course, certain terms and conditions. Users cannot use notes as leverage against someone for personal gain or send sensitive information. In addition, they cannot send content that violates local or international laws, use the notes to harass others, or send racist, homophobic or inappropriate messages.

About QuantumTech

The company behind Sticky Notes is QuantumTech. The company offers services and products that empower creators in the web3 space. It has already worked with notable names in the web3 space, including Koodos, Space Poggers, Rug Supply and

Undoubtedly, the ability to send messages to any Ethereum wallet will continue to expand communication channels within the space. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see the collaborations that will take place because of Sticky Notes!

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