How Zed Run Will Change for 2022: a New Token, a Retirement Feature And More

ZED RUN is, without a doubt, one of the most successful projects to date – and the ecosystem will grow even more in 2022 thanks to its native token implementation. Aside from its BETA version, the team will launch a so-called ‘retirement feature,’ and an amazing upgrade in its virtual tournament.

From giveaways to exclusive parties and a new class system, the ZED RUN roadmap is beyond exciting – so let’s check it out!

image of ZED RUN NFT racehorses

ZED RUN has revealed its 2022 roadmap, which will upgrade the entire horseracing experience. Credits: ZED RUN

Zed Run reveals its amazing 2022 token upgrade

First of all, the project will implement a brand new rating system for each racehorse. In essence, this system will use each racehorse’s position at the end of each race to assign a certain class to it. Notably, ZED RUN will also bring more classes depending on the overall racehorse population.

However, the most interesting part is yet to come, as the entire ZED RUN ecosystem will change drastically. Sometime during Q1, the ZED RUN native token will launch!

Basically, this token implementation will change every aspect of the experience, including racing, breeding, guilds, and lending. Accordingly, the ZED RUN token will release in four main phases:


1. First airdrop

In this phase, all ZED RUN NFT holders will start receiving tokens. Each owner will get a different amount of tokens depending on how many racehorses they own and their DNA. What’s more, long-term holders will have priority when receiving tokens.


2. Racing

NFT holders will use ZED RUN tokens to take part in new races. Of course, race participants will also receive tokens as rewards. The rewards will vary depending on the tournament type, length, as well as other special event rules and conditions.

Nevertheless, many races will still offer WETH/ETH prizes in addition to ZED RUN tokens.

image of the official ZED RUN and Republic Crypto token creators logo

In order to launch its new token, ZED RUN partnered with Republic Crypto, which also worked on Polygon and Avalanche networks. Credits: ZED RUN

3. Racehorse retirement

Up until now, holders could breed and race with their horses forever. In 2022, the team will implement a so-called ‘retirement’ feature, which means owners will be able to give up on their non-Genesis racehorses. In exchange, each ZED RUN NFT holder will receive the native token based on the racehorse’s NFT specifications.


4. Renting

This is yet another key upgrade in the ZED RUN ecosystem. In short, community members will be able to rent any unsold Genesis racehorses within the official ZED RUN Stable. Furthermore, racehorse owners can also rent their own assets and receive rewards in exchange.

screenshot from the ZED RUN platform including a ZED RUN NFT racehorse

The ZED RUN token implementation will come with new features, including racehorse retirement and rating options. Credits: ZED RUN

An upgraded horseracing experience

In 2022, ZED RUN aims to improve its overall racing experience. Part of their endeavor involves an avalanche of rewards and prizes, much to holders’ excitement! Notably, the prize pool treasury is currently $9,500,000 in excess, so we should stay tuned for upcoming contests and tournament upgrades.

This isn’t the only fun part, though. Accordingly, the team will also allow users to create their own private (or public) events. This new ‘party mode’ aims to create an even more entertaining experience for everybody.

Overall, there are some amazing things coming in 2022 for ZED RUN NFT holders. As the community is close to its 1,000,000th race, the project will likely remain among the most successful ones, especially after its token implementation!


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