Howlerz NFT Sold Out Immediately, But The Drop Was A Disaster

Howlerz NFT drop

The Howlerz NFT release happened via “secret mint” and was reportedly swarmed by bots. In less than ten seconds, the project minted out, and users found nothing but failed transactions. Empty wallets and drained accounts from a recent scam involving Howlerz moments before the official launch has put this NFT project on rough terrain.

Howlerz NFT drop scam

Howlerz NFT drop disaster. Credit: Twitter

Howlerz NFT Scam

Moments before the official mint contract was released, a fake contract scammed users for over 250 Ethereum. FUD and threats poured over Twitter, with many users feeling like the founder should be held liable. With an official statement from the founder admitting their faults, some users claim responsibility lies solely with the individuals who minted from a contract without proper research.

As one’s views can be somewhat subjective, we agree that the community suffered dearly. With the culprit of the scam still being investigated, many believe the founder should compensate those who minted from the fake contract. While emotions run high, finding a clear solution seems out of reach for those affected. As of now, the current theory is that the scammer copied the contract’s code from testnet. With this code, they began siphoning hundreds of Ethereum from users by providing a fake link to the mint site.

Howlerz NFT Going Forward

With bots plaguing the launch, scammers, and accusations of rugs, Howlerz has genuinely embodied the persona of “the big bad wolf ” in many eyes. While the community searches for answers, Howlerz’s founder has a lot of repairing to do. Putting this stress level on a newly founded community this early provides challenges unknown to many. As users caught by the scam lick their wounds and the true culprit remains on the loose, one can only guess the future for Howlerz.

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