Hydro Whales Mining Club: Rewarding Holders via Environmentally-Friendly BTC Mining

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most sought-after cryptocurrency to date. However, the mining process is so energy-intensive that it’s already raising concerns. Of course, we’d all like to diminish the environmental impact caused by BTC mining – and that’s when the Hydro Whales Mining Club comes in.

Created by a fully-doxxed team, this revolutionary project aims to acquire S19 Pro Antminers into a hydro energy-powered mining facility. Of course, this legally audited initiative is powered by NFTs.

The best part? The NFT community holders receive 33.33% of the resulting BTC supply!

Luckily, the debut NFT collection will launch on March 5th at 18:00 UTC, so there’s still time to join this amazing community. In the meantime, let’s find out the Hydro Whales Mining Club works and your perks as an NFT holder.

image of the Hydro Whales Mining Club NFT

Hydro Whales Mining Club focuses on environmentally friendly BTC mining through the power of NFTs.

What is the Hydro Whales Mining Club?

At first glance, Hydro Whales Mining Club is a collection of 9,999 avatar-style NFTs. Priced at 0.14 ETH/piece, there will be up to 4,000 NFTs available during the presale. Users will be able to mint up to 3 collectibles per wallet. Notably, there are 1,900 whitelist spots available too – and if you want to get yours, you’d better hurry!

Each NFT represents the very essence of the project: environmentally-friendly BTC mining.

In order to achieve their goal, project admins have already secured contracts to add 200 S19 Pro Antminers into a hydro energy-powered mining facility. Basically, hydroelectric power involves lower electricity costs and reduced environmental impact. Surprisingly, this is just the beginning: as the project evolves, the team aims to add as many miners as possible into the mining facility, thus generating more BTC.

Of course, each NFT holder contributes to that goal – and they’ll receive plenty of rewards! The Hydro Whales Mining Club will use 100% of the generated funds into the project and its community, as follows:

  • 33.33% distributed among NFT holders;
  • 33.33% invested into the project development;
  • another 33.33% paid into the community wallet.


Why is the DAO community so important?

In essence, the DAO community wallet gives power to all of the NFT holders. Not only is each member equal, but they also get to decide over the future of the project. For example, holders will be able to vote to buy more mining machines, collaborations, new projects, and more.

The DAO community wallet will also be financially powered by royalties. Each Hydro Whales Mining Club NFT traded on the secondary market involves a 10% royalty. The team will use these funds for the community wallet, as well as acquiring new mining machines and further developing the project.

Notably, the team’s roadmap has plenty of exciting things ahead, so let’s check it out.

image of the Hydro Whales Mining Club NFT

The Hydro Whales Mining Club roadmap includes a P2E game, new NFT collections, and more!

The project roadmap revealed

Clearly, the team deeply cares about the environment. As a result, the team will donate $10k to a whale charity at 25% of NFTs mint. In addition, project admins will also purchase 50 Bitcoin miners, set to deploy within 30 days.

By the time 50% of the collection is minted, NFT holders will take part in many exciting contests and giveaways worth $25k (+50 more miners bought)! Then, at 75% NFTs minted, the team will airdrop $25k worth of airdrops while purchasing another 50 miners. At this moment, holders will also gain access to the official 3D 4K Hydro Whale NFTs!

To celebrate the collection sell-out, the founding team will award a whopping $50k to one lucky NFT holder. The remaining 50 miners will also be purchased, amassing the total of 200 machines promised to the community.

In the future, the team will also develop a P2E game, more NFT collections, and an exclusive native token.


Meet the Hydro Whales Mining Club team

Surprisingly, the Hydro Whales Mining Club founders are fully doxxed for project transparency. The four co-founders Sam Pitman, Adam Javaid, Anderson Arokium, and Adam Dignan, have experience in cyber security, blockchain tech, entrepreneurship, and digital art.

In addition, the team benefits from Alexandros Alexandrou’s help. The crypto-focused lawyer and legal advisor audited the project and will continue to support it throughout its development.


If you’re ready to join this incredible project, you can mint your first Hydro Whales Mining Club NFT on the official website starting March 5th at 18:00 UTC. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter, Instagram, and join their Discord channel for exclusive announcements and giveaways!