In/Visible: A Revolutionary NFT Show Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

Exploring Visibility in the Digital Age with In/Visible

Meet In/Visible! The digital art platform Feral File and artist and curator Linda Dounia Rebeiz have partnered to create the innovative NFT exhibition. Significantly, In/Visible features artwork from 10 Black NFT artists. It also aims to blend the emerging field of crypto-art with intimate personal stories. Thus, pushing the limits of visibility. The exhibition officially launched on June 12th, inviting audiences to explore and engage with this groundbreaking artistic experience. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Web3 strives for diversity, but underrepresented artists still struggle for recognition and support.
  • The In/Visible exhibition redefines digital representation and recognition through showcasing renowned Black NFT artists.
  • Despite challenges, Black NFT artists in the exhibition are “defiantly visible” and use AI to share their stories.

    a black nft artists work

    Exploring Visibility in the Digital Age with In/Visible. Image credit: Serwah Attafuah

In/Visible Redefines Digital Representation and Recognition

In/Visible showcases the captivating works of renowned Black NFT artists. Adaeze Okaro, Serwah Attafuah, Jah, and Dounia Rebeiz, are amongst those involved. Through this exhibition, they offer a thought-provoking commentary on the limitations of AI tools in understanding the experiences of Black artists and individuals.

By pulling together NFTs and AI in unique ways, In/Visible presents a daring and detailed look at visibility in the digital era. It also shows the importance of inclusivity. In addition, it urges us to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse realities that shape our human existence.

Ultimately, In/Visible challenges established narratives and amplifies voices of Black NFT artists and individuals. Significantly, it goes beyond mere art. It serves as a rallying cry to reimagine our perception and portrayal of the digital world around us.

Challenging Boundaries: Inclusive Narratives in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Challenging Boundaries: Inclusive Narratives in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Image credit: Adaeze Okaro

Defiant Visibility: Black NFT Artists Harness the Power of AI

Most of us think of Web3 as a vibrant place where artists from different backgrounds can succeed. But, even though the blockchain industry wants to be diverse and inclusive, artists who aren’t well-represented still struggle to get noticed, get help, and feel valued. Unfortunately, this issue is not exclusive to the blockchain alone. The art and technology sectors have long been plagued by injustices against minority groups.

But, what about the era of artificial intelligence? Sadly, even the disembodied AI tools carry their own biases, including sexism, ableism, and racism, inherited from the human-crafted training data they rely upon.

In her role as curator, Linda Dounia Rebeiz looks at the paradox of using AI to narrate the stories of Black NFT artists. She says that AI often portrays a fragmented and potentially harmful interpretation of Black reality. This is because it often reflects the biases ingrained by its creators. Even with these difficulties, the Black NFT artists in the exhibition are “defiantly visible,” and use AI to share their stories.


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