Inside Ubisoft’s Partnership: NFTs in Champions Tactics Revealed

Inside Ubisoft's Partnership: NFTs in Champions Tactics Revealed

Ubisoft’s decision to partner with follows a previous collaboration with Immutable, emphasizing its commitment to incorporating NFTs across gaming experiences. This strategic move positions Ubisoft’s future games within the NFT ecosystem, leveraging partnerships for NFT infrastructure rather than solely relying on its own Quartz initiative.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles appears to follow a familiar format typical of modern mobile and PC card games. The gameplay trailer, while lacking details on NFT integration, hints at potential NFT features tied to its promised “thousands of unique heroes.

An announcement from Double Jump.Tokyo

The CEO of Double Jump.Tokyo, Hironobu Ueno, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Ubisoft. He views Double Jump reaching a significant milestone with this partnership.Tokyo. Together with Ubisoft, they are excited to investigate the possibilities of web3 and digital ownership in gaming. Ueno thinks that collaborating with a well-known market leader like Ubisoft will enable them to produce games that are above and beyond expectations and advance web3 gaming technology globally.

Grimoria Chronicles is coming to Tokyo with the goal of pushing NFTs

For Players, What Comes Next?

According to’s announcements, Champions Tactics will utilize the “HOME Verse” blockchain, certified by Oasys. This blockchain infrastructure is also endorsed by other major gaming companies like Square, Bandai Namco, and Sega, despite mixed success in their own NFT ventures.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, Ubisoft’s newest game, and Double Jump.Tokyo form a strategic alliance in an attempt to promote NFTs. In the realm of web3 gaming, Ubisoft is hopeful that this third effort will ultimately be successful despite prior setbacks. Offering exclusive in-game items and free NFT minting, their goal is to draw players and encourage the use of web3 technology.

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