Inter-World Portaling System: OMA3’s Solution for Metaverse Navigation

Step into the future of metaverse navigation with OMA3’s new Inter-World Portaling System and explore its potential. Let’s dive in. 


  • OMA3’s Inter-World Portaling System (IWPS) project aims to improve metaverse navigation and set standards for virtual worlds.
  • The Portaling and Mapping Working Group (PMWG) is focused on looking at the potential of portals in the metaverse, offering more immersive experiences and monetisation opportunities for software developers.
  • The IWPS will enable easier movements between diverse metaverse platforms, improving accessibility and user experience. OMA3 prioritises high performance, flexibility and user privacy, welcoming people from Web3 to shape the future for a more unified metaverse.
Still from OMA3 Metaverse

OMA3 Introduces New Metaverse Project

OMA3’s Mission to Navigate the Metaverse

OMA3, the Open Metaverse Alliance, is taking on the challenge of improving metaverse navigation with an ambitious project. Based in Zug, Switzerland, this group joins leading companies in the metaverse industry. Their task is to set standards and put the structure in place to help users control and own virtual worlds. OMA3 has introduced the Inter-World Portaling System (IWPS) project to achieve this.

Leading OMA3’s efforts is the Portaling and Mapping Working Group (PMWG) is a team dedicated to looking at the potential of portals in the metaverse. These portals have the power to make the metaverse less complicated and attractive for users. Additionally, portals present the chance for software developers to make money on their creations. However, the creation of the portals is complex and therefore there are challenges to face. 

OMA3 believes that metaverse portals have the potential to be the next major development in technology, similar to how highways connect physical locations. In addition, these digital gateways, acting as transportation systems, can create connections between different environments. Furthermore, by being able to move users between various platforms, the portals improve accessibility for users. 

The IWPS by OMA3 aims to create accessibility for users looking to steer through the challenges of the metaverse, offering a better user experience. Thus, users will be free to move between diverse metaverse platforms, including popular ones like Alien Worlds, My Neighbor Alice, and The Sandbox. 

Still from OMA3 Metaverse

OMA3’s Inter-World Portaling System

OMA3’s Ambitious Vision 

OMA3 is focused on creating a system that can be used across different platforms to enhance the user experience in the metaverse. They aim to enhance user experiences and facilitate tasks such as platform launches for smooth completion.

Furthermore, OMA3 recognises the importance of flexibility to support the different levels of Web3. Performance is also an important factor in considering details such as reliability and resistance as well as user privacy. OMA3 and its IWPS project have an open-door policy, welcoming builders from Web3 to join in and help shape the future of the metaverse. 

OMA3 is leading the way for a unified metaverse, opening up the potential of Web3. What’s more, their new approach to the IWPS has the potential to change how we explore the metaverse. So, keep a look out to witness the progress of this project and the changes it could bring about.

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