Introducing Artpoint: The NFT Platform Reimagining Digital Art

image of the Artpoint logo with art in background

Digital Art is revolutionizing the art industry, and Artpoint wants everyone to experience this new world. NFT art especially has exploded in the last two years, and this exciting new platform allows you to collect NFTs and track their exhibition in the real world. By connecting artists, collectors, and businesses, Artpoint is changing how and where we view art. Furthermore, with utility and community as cornerstones of the platform, there are some outstanding benefits to those who join.

The first NFT drop in this fascinating new project is The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds, which features incredible art by Benjamin Bardou, Gaël Corboz, Julie Berger Lindh, and David Szauder. These NFTs are on sale from November 2nd and are priced individually in ETH.

image of the Artpoint logo with art in background

The Artpoint is a brand new community-first NFT art platform!

What is Artpoint?

Created by co-founders Laurie Bonin and Julie Corver in 2019, Artpoint is much more than an NFT platform. It is a new way of navigating digital art in the 21st century. It allows people to experience digital art naturally, with a ‘collectors first’ approach.

Art is made to be seen, and Artpoint is creating a vast network of exhibitions to make this possible. Essentially, they organize digital art and NFT exhibitions in public places. NFT artists are producing incredible work, and Artpoint takes it from your wallet to the real world.

The exhibitions will take place in some super locations, where the general public can marvel at the beautiful art. This includes hotels, corporate offices, retail spaces, train stations, and airports. As a result, this ecosystem will provide the business, the collector, and the artist with opportunities for growth and success.

Consequently, this will help to get recognition for the artist and make the art more valuable for the creator.

The NFT community is at the heart of the art platform

Community is a core feature of the Artpoint platform. Artists and collectors can connect and collaborate in this expansive ecosystem, and there is no place better than Artpoint to find art that genuinely reaches out to you.

With over 250 international artists and a team of experts creating curated exhibitions, there is an opportunity to join something special here at Artpoint.

Artpoint also aims to connect people with the best digital artists worldwide, showcasing diverse and wonderful art to the masses.

Artpoint NFT holders get access to excellent benefits

NFT collectors will also get access to a wide range of exclusive benefits. Holding an Artpoint NFT could allow you to –

  •  Receive invitations to special events and openings
  • Take part in the curation of exhibitions
  • Engage with artists as a digital art patron.
  • Get discounts from exhibition partners, such as access to a spa, free drinks in hotel bars, etc.
  • Join a “collectors’ club” and enter a new era of collecting and rewards

The first NFT drop – The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds

The first curated collection of NFT art by the Artpoint team is named The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds. Significantly, four artists from established and emerging backgrounds have created an otherworldly digital art collection.

The theme of this first project is “a vision of parallel realities that could only exist in the depths of our fantasies, memories, or even nightmares.”


Image of Artpoint logo and text about The Sandbox

Artpoint is hosting an art exhibit for The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds at The Sandbox premises in Paris on November 2nd.

This collection draws inspiration from the historical art collections of extraordinary objects during the eighteenth century. Known as ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ and also ‘Wonder Rooms’, such collections were extremely popular during the period. Furthermore, they told stories about the natural world’s wonders and other oddities that exist in it.

Now, using modern technology, such as leveraging techniques in photogrammetry, 3D, or artificial intelligence, the four chosen artists are reinventing the concept for the digital art world. 

How to buy Artpoint NFTs

The first Artpoint NFT pre-sale begins on October 31st. After that, the public sale is November 2nd, followed by an exclusive private viewing at Sandbox Offices in Paris, France.

Gaël Corboz, Benjamin Bardou, Julie Berger Lindh, and David Szauder are the four artists given the honor of creating art for the debut Artpoint NFT collection.

image of huge mushrooms growing.

Hyper Shroom by Gaël Corboz is one of the NFT artworks up for sale in the first Artpoint drop.

Furthermore, prices begin at as little as 0.07 ETH for some NFTs, rising to four ETH for others. Additionally, some are 1/1 NFTs, and others are editions of 100. Below are two NFTs from each artist.

 Gaël Corboz – 

Benjamin Bardou –

  • Passages: Inferno (1/1) – public: 4.8 ETH – presale: 4.2 ETH
  • Passages: Ideal (1/1) – public: 4.8 ETH – presale: 4.2 ETH

Julie Berger Lindh –

David Szauder

artpoint julie lindh artwork

This piece by Julie Lindh will also feature in the drop

Finally, you can join the waitlist to participate in the first Artpoint NFT drop now. Want to know more about Artpoint? For further information and to find others in the Artpoint community, you can also check out Twitter and Discord.